With Christmas coming up dont you wish you could taste test some yummy stuff before buying? Ughh, i know i could!…well I Did lol !!


Lucas and i had the chance to sample some Marie Callender’s pies, Claim Jumper Frozen Foods and See’s Candy. Both Lucas and i had not ever had See’s Candy. My husband had received some Toffee-ettes in a care package from a friend of mine last year, and thats all he ever talked about. So i needed to see what all the fuss was about. Plus i needed a tween to tell me if it was just as good to him lol. (Who better to sample candy??)

So lets break these up into parts:

See’s Candy:

Can i say YUM and OUCH! I know your saying ok candy should NOT hurt LOL. Well my jaw was sooooo screaming at me after i had my review. I got the Sampler Box Of Gourmet  Lollipops, and those bad boys take forever to eat. But they were honestly sooo darn good i didnt feel the pain after awhile LOL!! The sampler came with Cafe Latte, Vanila, Chocolate and Butterscotch. The box was about a pound and half and was only 14.70. At first i will say i thought it was a high price for suckers. But after having them, i would say this is like those Milano cookies commercial… these are for mommyyyyy LOL!! Plus they really satisfy that sweet tooth and craving.


I also was able to test a few of the chocolates they had in the glass counter. I had a coconut sample, and got a peppermint on for Lucas’s brother. I am pretty sure he liked his lol. Mine was like the best coconut ever. I almost wanted to refund the lollipops for more . Now Lucas had a sampler of chocolate and gave me and my daughters a few to taste. I had 2 of these chunky nut pieces. Now those are not my favorite but they still had that signature flavor i have become to know from See’s.

My overall view of See’s Candies?  This is a place for lavish chocolate, that you can splurge and savor. It may not be in some moms price range, but if you can indulge yourself to something tastey and hide it well enough *wink*, See’s Candy is calling your name. (If your kids are nice maybe they will get a 50 cent chocolate from the counter…after you “taste” it LOL)

Lucas’s Overview?  The See’s Candy well i don’t know where to start. IT’S SCRUMPTIOUS! The best candy I’ve ever had usually I’m not big on the dark chocolate.

But See’s Candy made it good too. The lollipops were good and long lasting too.  See’s Candy is a good buy. That goes for all of them, good buy, great taste.




Marie Callender’s:

Who doesn’t like Pie??? That’s what i though! But sadly i don’t think i have ever had a Marie Callender’s. I know, please smack me now. What a bad mother i am to deprive my family of the wonderful brand.

Well, i am actually saving my 2 pies for Thanksgiving so i will have to update you later on these ones. I will say i bought the Apple Cobbler, and the Lattice  Apple. I wanted Pumpkin but my store only had Apple and lord knows i was not brave enough for Mince( a dif brand) LOL. These were thick HEAVY pies, i did notice that. I could have knocked out a 7 ft 300 pound man with one swipe of that French Apple! Thing was a bowling ball!

My overview of the price? These pies were only about $5.50 at my store ( they were the smaller ones), and for the weight and size, i would consider this a very good price. I saw some cheaper and some more expensive, so i guess it would weigh on taste in the end. However for as large a brand is Marie Callender’s, i am sure i wont be disappointed lol. I DID try a slice of Lucas’s Chocolate Pie and it was WOW sweet, but not my cup of tea. However my girls inhaled it with no trouble. And the after effect tells me it uses real sugar LOL.

UPADATE!! Had our Thanksgiving and man those were some kick butt pies!! I have never been able to get a pie perfectly cooked all the way thru (ya i am horrible). But these Apple ones were amazingly perfect. Forget the turkey!!

Lucas’s Overview?  The Marie Calendars pies were amazing.  The chocolate satin pie was awesome. Even the crust was awesome and my familly loved it.



Claim Jumper:

Ok smack me again but i never heard of this brand lol. I even had to ask the PR to make sure it was even in our state LOL! I guess Fred Myers, Walmart and somewhere else sold them (cant remember). So anyways i went shopping… I saw the box and to be honest, it did not look healthy or even appealing lol. But, hey we are reviewers for the good and bad right? So i picked Southern Fried Chicken and Shrimp Scampi. I gathered up enough courage to heat up the Fried Chicken…ok here comes bite one…hum this good…bite two..ohh i think i am liking this.. bite three, bite four, oh heck with this review im eating this stuff forever LOL! Ohh my was that GOOD! It was so nice and thick and heavy,,comfort food for sure. Dont let the packaging deceive you, Claim Jumper has some good ol fashion, stick to your ribs, food. The Shrimp Scampi was so good my youngest traded me her pizza for it LOL. It was cute, she looked at mine and looked at hers and said.. can i have noodles and you have pizza?

My Overview of Claim Jumper? I have to say i hope you have this in your area. I would like to see the price (at least in my area) a tad lower, but the food was good. Maybe they could work on the packaging pictures as well (just my opinion). One more thing Claim Jumper…add some extra Shrimp to the Shrimp Scampi *Wink*

UPDATE!!!! Went back and saw that Walmart had lowered the price on some of the Claim Jumpers!! Yayyy Under $3 each mega wow.

Lucas’s Overview? Claim jumper was good and it was a full meal. It filled me up.  Also according to my mom it was a good price for how much food there was.







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Lucas & I both, did  receive products to keep for my testing purposes.

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  1. 1. I would definitely pick up the peach pie
    2. I would buy the cheese ravioli
    3. I would pick up a combo of my familys favorites: scotchmellow, scotch kisses, rocky road and molasses bars!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  2. 1. Marie Callender”s Lemon Meringue 2. Claim Jumper Chicken Fried Beef Steak 3. See’s Candy 12 oz. Mixed Salty Nuts

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