Uncle Milton Toy & Wild Walls Shark Encounter

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My boys love science experiments and nature so I knew these next two products from Uncle Milton  were going to be a hit:


Spider-Man Web Creator Lab


Get ready to create your own spider webs! Liquify, inject, and extract your own webs using the Spider-Man Web Creator Lab. Sticky or stretchy? Web balls or web nets? Red or blue webs? You decide! Then let the web adventure begin. 

 Wild Walls Shark Encounter


Create an awesome light and sound experience on your wall like you’ve never seen! Use the peel ‘n stick decals to design the underwater scene! Water wave light effects gently fade in and out, illuminating your wall, just like your underwater. With real undersea animal sound effects, the synchronized light and sounds bring the scene to life! 


My take:  Let’s start with the Spider-Man Web Creator Lab.  My boys are huge Spider-Man fans so I was eager to try this product out.  Here is a picture of all the pieces straight out of the box:


The lab is very easy to set up and you have a choice between red and blue webs. It took longer than the suggested 5 minutes to liquefy the web gel material and I found it was easiest to directly put the beaker in hot water instead of using the gel packet. Once the gel has reached liquid state, you pour the gel into the syringe and place in the injector site of your desired web (there are a total of four to choose from). Slowly depress the syringe down until the mold is filled. Wait for 30 minutes and your web is complete. Unlock the lab, remove the web and play!


If you have a child who wants perfection from web-making each and every time, this product is not for him. If you have a child who likes multiple steps to creat gooey sticky webs then this is the toy for you. The webs are reusable and can be stored in their orignal gel packaging so be sure to save the packaging. This product is great for learning patience since you have to wait for the gel to liquefy, and then the child needs to take time and effort when releasing the gel into the mold and it takes 30 minutes for the web to solidify. We have perfected the small web but still need to practice the larger web since if you release it too fast it will seep over the web design. It didn’t matter one bit whether it was perfect or not to us because they still got to play with it. Clean up is pretty simple as long as you wait for the gel to harden and the web tool scraper worked perfectly to help scrape the excess web material off. I only had to use hot water and everything came off very easily. I really loved the handout that came with this product which was filled with great scientific info about webs.


The Wild Walls Shark Encounter was very easy to set up.  You need to lay the decals on a flat surface for about 48 hours to remove all the wrinkles before applying to the wall.  I loved how the decals can be easily removed and reapplied in case you change your mind about the placement.


The light/sound feature comes with a screw kit that can be easily mounted to a wall. The light is dim enough so a child can fall asleep and the sounds are very soothing. There is an auto shut off feature as well which makes it perfect to help your chld slip into sleep.



Press Sample

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  1. Melanie Montgomery · Edit

    I think its something my nephew will really enjoy playing with

  2. molli vandehey · Edit

    weve been looking for more boy friendly toys and games and my son would LOVE this!

  3. OMG,I keep on top of most shark stuff and collectibles, but this is a new one for me. I have the perfect reason for needing this. After losing my mom to cancer, I started a charity to help cancer survivors through adventure therapy. Shark encounters are actually our specialty, and we’ve already taken cancer survivors on 10+ shark dives! This would be perfect for that or to give as a survivor gift!

  4. This would be perfect to go into my younger son’s room. Thank you

  5. Sarah Marshall · Edit

    I would love to win because my nephew would be fascinated by this!

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  9. tina reynolds · Edit

    I would like to win for my seven year old he would love it

  10. Buddy Garrett · Edit

    Our daughter loves sea life. The Wall Shark Encounter would be great for her.

  11. I would like to win the Shark Encounter 4 my grandsons for a Christmas present:)

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