Uncle Milton: Torch in My Room & Disney Fireworks Light Show Launcher

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We have always been big fans of Uncle Milton products and this time around I let the boys choose what they wanted to review.


Torch in My Room:


Little explorers can now light up their room and their path with the new Torch In My Room, an authentic looking explorer’s torch! (It’s actually great for those night-time bathroom runs). The realistic flickering flame lights up any path and is sure to stimulate hours of fun indoor and outdoor adventures.   Torch in My Room is also a great room light, with an included wall mount and auto shut-off for bedtime. Available Spring 2014. Ages 5 and up. SRP: $19.99

Disney Fireworks Light Show:


Kids will have a blast creating the excitement of a Disney Park fireworks show in the comfort of their own room with the Disney Fireworks Light Show Launcher! See Disney characters come to life with magical bursting fireworks images that expand across the walls and ceiling with booming firework sound effects! Simply pump the fireworks launcher, choose one of the images, aim and pull the trigger. The Disney Fireworks Light Show Launcher features 8 different Disney firework images featuring characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Lightning McQueen, Cinderella and more! Available Spring 2014. Ages 6 and up. SRP: $36.99 

My take:  The boys’ eyes lit up when they saw both of these products.  At the current time we have not anchored the Torch on the wall, it merely lies on the dresser top easily within reach whenever needed.  This torch is perfect for those midnight trips to the bathroom or late night visits to mom thanks to bad dreams.  It is super light weight and the flickering light is very realistic.


The Disney Fireworks Light Show is perfect for us since we are planning on visiting Disney over the summer.  I do believe all of their favorite Disney characters make an appearance at our nightly fireworks show.  The boys adore this launcher thanks to the sound effects and the feeling that they are actually launching the fireworks into the sky thanks to the launcher.  The ability to change fireworks and characters is a great added benefit.  Ihot is a bit loud but I just put some tape over the speaker and it works great.





Press Sample