Top 10 Halloween Decorations Under $20!

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Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all jumbled together at the end of the year that there is no way you can splurge on them. That’s why we put together 10 of the very best Halloween Decoration for under $20! No breaking the bank or a leg….

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  1. Slapsticker Soda Decoration

Serve up tasty beverages like Zombie Virus, Truth Serum and Spider Venom. The Halloween label set includes 4 assorted creepy Halloween soda bottle labels.

2. Black Feathered Small Crows

These scary crows have a real life-like appearance. They have wires on feet permit temporary attachment to branches, fences, chair backs and other like surfaces.

3. Scary Eyeballs Sugar Decorations, Cookie or Cupcake Toppers

How creepy are these edible eyes? You get 12 in a pack (so 6 sets…or 12 uni-eyed), kosher certified candies. These would be fun on strawberry filled cupcakes.

4. Beistle Jointed Skeleton Figurine 6-Feet

Seriously how fun would this be in a doorway and the kids have to squeeze past it. AHHHH.

5. Snake Toilet Topper

For me, this would be my “oh hell no” item. I would be scared silly! You’d never get a little kid to go pee again.

6. Spooky Snakes Styrofoam Tombstone

You could use a couple of these in the yard. They each come with stakes to secure them and are 22 inches high!

7. Drink Container, Blood Bag

Mojocraft Blood Bag Party Drink Container has a clip and seal mechanism, preventing drinks from spilling and helping to keep drinks fresh for a extensive time. You get 10 of these cups (12 oz each).  Contains a syringe for fast filling drinks. You can fill all 10 blood bags in just minutes. Impress your friends with these Extra real blood bag and blood type stickers: A, B, AB, O and RH Positive and Negative.

8. Do Not Enter Door Cover

Does this work for solicitors? I feel like I need this all year around.

9. Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

Pair this with the snake toilet and your kid will never be the same.

10. Spooky Cemetery Giant Wall Decorations

I do love this one.  This cemetery scene setter kit includes everything you need to create the perfect backdrop for your Halloween party. A gigantic two-piece scene setter portrays a cemetery, complete with creepy tree and a full moon. Customize your party scene with black bat cutouts in three different sizes.


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