The Single Momma Manual




The Single Momma Manual!

“Don’t Just Get By, Get Through!”

Ayana shares her story and gives straight forward advice and simple tips in order to help other single mothers. Ayana is a survivor of child molestation and domestic violence and an abusive marriage and finding herself homeless during her pregnancy. The Single Momma Manual is also filled with encouragement for a single mother on how she can also get through her bad circumstances in life and her past mistakes.
This book will inspire and change the life of a single mom and also build a single mothers self confidence and relieve the stress a single mother will feel while being both mommy and daddy to her child.

About the Author:


My Name is Ayana Daniels. I am 34 years old, proud single mom of one beautiful daughter. She will be my only child because i am not able to have any more. God has truly blessed me with a beautiful and smart 5 year old. I have been through many things in life including child molestation and domestic violence and was homeless while pregnant.
I began to wrote this book while i was homeless and pregnant, In The Single Momma Manual I share tips and advice on how you also can excel as a strong and stable single mom and i share this story of my life. I share with you how i have excelled out of my difficulties and trials and have become the strong single mom and women that I am today. I pray that my book will make you realize that you are not alone, i have been were you are at, I pray that my book will be a blessing to you.


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