“The Legend of Mr. Ween” Book Review

I received an electronic copy of this book to facilitate my review.

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. I had the pleasure of reading “The Legend of Mr. Ween” book by Daren Ross.

The tale of Mr. Hal O. Ween! Inspired by the imagination of children and is for anyone of any age needing a pleasant reminder about the gift of creativity.

My take: I really enjoyed reading this book, I was initially hesitant because I did not know how scary it would be. Although there are terrifying characters such as Bloodheads, Drowns, Blood Ghosts and Sinclouder they are briefly mentioned and add depth to the story.

I would not hesitate to read this book to my older kids because of the great message about teamwork, the simple power of a smile and the light that resides in all of us that needs to shine. I love how kind the main character and Dr. Conda are to everyone and how pumpkin carving and lighting is tied into the story.

This book also helps remind of us how truly glorious the season of fall is and how we need to sit back and enjoy the splendor. A great read!