The Door Guardian: Home Safety Device

I received samples of the Door Guardian to facilitate my review, this is a sponsored article with Door Guardian.

There is nothing more important to me than the safety of my children. I vividly remember the curiosity of little fingers and how innocently devious my children were as preschoolers.

One of my biggest fears is that one of my kids would sneak out of the house in search of grand adventures or now that my daughter is in elementary school that she would try to leave after a big drama scene. I was recently introduced to the Door Guardian and I really wish I would have had this as soon as my kids were mobile, especially when my boys were preschoolers.

Door Guardian Ad Final from Kevin Wiseberg on Vimeo.

Door Guardian:

The Door Guardian has designed and patented a line of revolutionary door latches and home safety devices for windows, exterior doors and patio sliders. Under the brand name Door Guardian, our Door Guardian, Patio Guardian and 3M Stick on Safety Lock are simple to install and easy to use safety solutions giving peace of mind to you and your family.

The Door Guardian is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, cost-effective, safety solution for your home. Able to secure doors in Family Homes, Apartment, Condos, and Student Residences, The Door Guardian is an effective solution in securing and reinforcing exterior doors.

With the ability to be applied on front doors, side doors, back doors, garage door entrances and balcony doors, The Door Guardian is an effective tool in providing quick and easy childproofing solutions. The Door Guardian has also been used to provide additional safety measures to parents of special needs children and guardians of adults with Alzheimer’s who may wander. Talked about on ABC News, and written about in numerous publications from Parents Magazine to Reader’s Digest, The Door Guardian is the ultimate tool in safety solutions for your home.


Traditional Door Guardian

Inswinging Door Guardian

Outswing Door Guardian:

My take: When my husband asked me where I wanted the Door Guardian installed, I immediately told him the back patio door since that is the door that is most used by the kids. I asked him to place it up high out of reach.

As soon as it was installed I went to investigate. There are several features that I’m impressed with. When you do not want to use the Door Guardian you simply place the locking mechanism to the outside of the device as shown below:

To activate the Door Guardian the locking mechanism is placed in the center of the device:

My 7 year old attempted to unlock the Door Guardian numerous times and was unsuccessful, which is exactly what I hoped to see. She was asking for tips on how to unlock it from her teen brother who kept silent.

It takes quite a bit of pressure to unlock the Door Guardian, which in my opinion is fantastic because a child’s pincer grip strength is not that strong.

If you do have a child who is very determined and somehow does figure out how to unlock the Door Guardian, there is an added security feature that you can utilize. A small covering that fits over the center of the mechanism which prevents the Door Guardian from being unlocked.

In order to unlock the Door Guardian you need to insert the “key”.

Please note that you need to fully insert the key as deep as it will go for the safety covering to be removed.

I’m planning on using this added security feature overnight and when we are out of town because it gives me even more peace of mind!

If you are looking for a safety mechanism to help your kids safely inside your home, please take a look at the Door Guardian!