Swiggies The Wrist Water Bottle by HydroSport

If you have never heard of Swiggies they are a wrist water bottle. I read on their website about all of their great features and I was lucky enough to get to review them. Swiggies are great for the whole family.

One reason why I was so interested in them is because I have such a fear of bees getting in my childrens drinks. I will not let them carry anything but water bottles with the caps and then I am the one having to pack them around when they are not thirsty. When I first saw these I was like WOW!! This will keep the bees out and I will not have to pack them. For toddles, its a fun way to have a drink without spilling it, also for handicapped children and adults..it could easily make them feel independant . You can do everything from running, walking or out playing with your children. Swiggies hold 5.5 ounces of water or your favorite sports drink. You can also fill with water and freeze them. That would surely cool you off in the hot weather and you can drink it ice cold as it melts.

They come in Adult and child sizes in various colors.  Swiggies are made of the safest FDA approved, food grade, BPA-free plastic. They sell to the kids market, and they have been tested under the strictest standards. They are also the easiest plastic to recycle, making them a “green” product. They still need to be washed out before use, like any water bottle.

The ones I received were pink, which was great for my girls. I washed them then put some cold gatorade in them. I noticed that the ones I received were leaking around the bottom of the cap around the rim. I quickly wrote them and they assured me that they would check everyone of them before they left. I believe that the idea around this so great that a little leaking which, which they assured me does not normally happen, was still great. My girls still use them. I really do love that they are safe for my children.

Child Safe just gave them the seal of approval.  This is what they had to say,  “This new hands-free approach for children and adults is simple and easy to use. You just fill them up with water and go! They also make a great unique gift for anyone on your shopping list. Best of all, Swiggies help protect your child against dehydration from their being so active in their play.” I think that is wonderful. This really is a great gift idea.

So all in all would I buy one of these even though mine had leaked a little my answer is yes..I know that just because mine leaked doesn’t mean that they all do. So Yes I would buy another one or two. I would also consider these for gifts for children who love the outdoors and are always on the go.


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