Squatchi – Children’s Foot Sizer and Growth Chart Keepsake


Squatchi Children’s Foot Sizer and Growth Chart Keepsake has to be the most brilliant invention ever!

Squatchi is a children’s shoe-sizer for measuring feet at home and is sure to make the shoe shopping experience easier and less daunting!  Made in the USA, Squatchi is made of lightweight, recyclable, unbreakable plastic and comes in fun, kid-friendly colors.

I will tell you why our family needs this, besides for the sheer fact that you don’t want to always take your kids with you everywhere. I mean, sometimes going shopping shopping alone is a mini vacation. But, when we were stationed overseas, I ordered most everything I needed/wanted. I was all over every site you could imagine for kids clothing and shoes (hence my supreme shopping skills now).  I would just guess at my kids shoe sizes and with shipping taking 30+ days to arrive, I would pray the shoes would fit when they finally showed up.

This product is a life saver, plus it’s a great idea for keeping a “growth chart” of your kids feet. Simply line up your kids foot, mark their name, initials, date, etc and now you can tell grandma, auntie, even dad, what size the kids are in right now. No more wasted returns, time or money. I don’t know if you have ever done the “Print out this shoe sizer..”. Uh. NO. Never never again will I do that. that was the most inacurate, painful, stressful way to measure a child’s foot at home. This is a much simpler, pretty, Eco friendly, idiot proof product. Thinking outside the box here, this is perfect for families who may have a parent or child that is immobile/sick/bed stricken, so it’s harder to get out to those shoe stores for sizes. As far as the keepsake part, its really wonderful to show a deployed parent how much a child’s foot has grown in the time they were gone. Priceless.

While standing, rest heel of child’s largest foot next to the lip at the bottom of your Squatchi. Bear weight on the foot being measured.  Take note of the longest part of the foot.  The line closest to the longest toe without touching is your child’s size.  To allow for growth, buy one size up.  Mark and date your child’s size with a permanent market to track his or her growth!

I am so thrilled to have my own Squatchi now. We are headed back overseas and this way, I will be much better prepared this time! Plus my nana just called for the girls sizes and I swore Ariel was a 12 all this time. Shes an 11. That’s what I get for guessing.

Pick one up for only $20 +shipping!

My final verdict is that i have to give Squatchi 2 huge thumbs up!



I received product for my review. 

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  1. I need Squatchi because I prefer to order shoes online, and it is so hard to size my two daughters at home. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

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  4. i could use this because i buy alot of my son’s shoes online and this would help me get the right size

  5. Jennifer M · Edit

    I have such a hard time keeping track of what size my kids feet are. I hate trying to stuff their feet into shoes that are too small for them, just to confirm that, yes they have outgrown that size.

  6. I hate having my kids try on shoes then trying to press their big toe to see if it fits or too big/small? You cant really tell since you cant see their toes in their shoes. So with this, I dont have to guess!

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