Skidders Review


When i came across Skidders, i was unsure what they were. Are they shoes or socks?? Are they are all rubber or something soft? Yay i was a tad confused LOL. Then the gentelman at Skidders said hey lets send you some and see how you like them for Ariel!


Well i jumped at the chance to review any nifty new shoes for my girls. So i tried these cute Skidders:

Now can you see the bottom?? They look like car tires right? Well they feel like that too except they are sooo bendable. I mean completely flexable yet durable. I joked with the Rep there because i said why did you call them Skidders? LOL They should be called NON Skidders.. but he laughed and said Skidders sounded more fun lol.

The best information for moms.. They are Machine Washable!!

Plus the designs are just too cute, not only can you select some popular characters but also classic looks that will match lots of outfits. I can totally see Skidders looking PERFECT with some Gymboree! (Just saying 😉 )






Skidders was designed with infants in mind. The outsole is rubber so the child can have better traction when learning to stand and walk. The upper material is knit so the foot can breath. It is lightweight, machine washable and comes in a variety of designs that can match with any outfit. The best feature is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. I believe it is a far superior product than what currently exists in the marketplace.”



Skidders are an exciting footwear collection for kids on the go, both indoors and outdoors. Skidders promote healthy development of growing feet, while providing the child with the freedom of movement, traction and protection. These unique shoes are great for every day use all year round.


Defiantly worth buying for sure. You can wear with or without socks, they are great for puddles, and stylish. Plus SUPERRRRR easy to get on and off.

Just think.. if you have a teether..they can chew on their own show LOL.. hey you know they will LOL.



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