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Do you have a girl or two that love pretty, fun and glitzy hair accessories?

I do and she just LOVES the hair bows, clips and head band that Simply faBOWlous sent us for review.  The girls raced into the house Saturday when they saw the package in the mailbox arguing discussing who the package might be for.  They were both insisting that it was for them and were thrilled to find more than one hair accessory in the package.  In fact one of my girls wanted to wear them all at once to Church Sunday, but I limited her to one.  However, my oldest daughter got away with wearing two since she used the headband and then used the puff clip as an accessory for her dress!

Simply faBOWlous is a company that was started by a mom, Cheri White, who began by developing unique bow holders to try to help organize her daughters growing collection of hair clips and bows while at the same time turning it into a unique work of art.  Through the years the collection has grown to include a wonderful selection of hair accessories, hats, tutu’s and even some super cute little ruffle leggings that your little girls are sure to love!

There were squeals of delight when Rylee discovered a 4.5″ Grosgrain Bow in red and one in white inside the package.  These bows are very easy to clip into place.  We just put a little bit of hair up with a hair tie and then securely clipped the bow through the hair tie.  The bow stayed in place all day and never once slid out of her hair!  She wore the white one to school today and I was super pleased to see it still in place when she got off the bus.

We also received a Marabou Hair Clip in red and this was actually a big hit with both girls!  My 9 year old loved it and quickly figured out that it could be used in the hair or as an accessory on her dress or even purse!  This hair clip will definitely be on their Christmas list this year (see photo down below)!


We also received a Hawaiian Sequin Flower Clip in black that looked absolutely adorable with my 9 year olds black and white dress she wore on Sunday!  She wasn’t real sure about the flowers, but once she saw it she wanted to try that one first!  I think it looks so very cute, don’t you?

The last item we received was the Arch Glitzy Headband in Red.  I knew this would be a total hit with both my girls because they both love to grab a headband on the way out the door.  The headband stays in place and my daughter told me that it is very comfortable to wear. Can a girl ever have too many headbands or hair bows?  Maybe now my youngest daughter will stop borrowing all her friends bows!

I just can’t end this review without telling you about the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.  Simply faBOWlous is an Angel Sponsor for this great cause which seeks to gain awareness and raise funds for expanded newborn screening, while also providing support to children & families that are coping with metabolic disorders.

Whenever someone purchases an item from Simply faBOWlous’s  Bailey Baio Angel Wear Collection, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, started by Scott & Renee Baio.

BUY IT:  Be sure to head over and check out Simply faBOWlous, there are just so many adorable selections to choose from.  You are sure to find something to love!  Do you have a baby boy?  You will want to check out their Vintage Tattoo Art Baby & Toddler Hats!  Products may be purchased directly from their site and right now they are offering free domestic shipping!  Since it became obvious to me that I have neglected to build my girly girls accessory collection, she is starting her Christmas list right from this site!






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