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A typical scenario in my house: I purposely cook a large meal knowing that there will be plenty of left-overs for lunches/dinners. As my wonderful husband sets off to bathe the children I begin the hunt for storage containers. Every time I search I eventually find the container and then spend another 10 minutes searching for the right lid.
I am happy to report I will no longer have to deal with the above scenario. Rubbermaid sent me the All in One 20 piece set. Big deal you say….well actually it is because Rubbermaid now has easy find lids. Easy find lids have 3 great features.

The lids snap to the bases so they are easy to find
Lids snap to each other, so you can stack multiple lids and containers together
AND one lid fits multiple containers (My favorite!)
No more hunting for lost lids…woo hoo!! I would post a picture of my cupboard space devoted to storage containers but I really am too embarassed mainly because whenever I open the cupboard door several items come raining down on my head.
Not only did Rubbermaid come up with the easy find lids in this 20 piece set, they also provided 3 different kinds of storage containers:
My hands down favorite are the produce savers. Each container comes with a crisp tray that you place on the bottom of the container. It is important to note that you should NOT wash the produce before placing it in the product saver. Why? Moisture will only increase the risk of decay. Once you are ready to use the product wash it and eat. I was a little skeptical but my lettuce and fruits really do stay fresher for longer. I also like the Lock-Its due to a very curious 15 month old that likes to grab whatever is located on the fridge shelves…no more accidental food spills on my kitchen floor! The Premier Stain Resistant containers did not leave the tomato based stain usually found on my containers after being washed in the dishwasher.

Rubbermaid has generously offered 1 lucky MommyPR reader their own All in One 20 Piece Set.




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  1. I would like the Full Double Door Cabinet
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