I just love coming across innovative and unique companies and was very intrigued when I looked through the Poloppo site. I, like most every other mom, and am completely charmed by my kids artwork! It may have something to do with it almost always saying what a wonderful mom I am and how much they love me but whatever the reason, to see what they have created warms my heart!!

Poloppo is a design company that gives us a way to turn that creativity into something we can share with everyone – wearable art! My girls love to create masterpieces and I try to encourage their expression through creativity whenever possible.

I want to share with you from Poloppo’s site:

About Poloppo, the place: pa-LOP-po (noun) – A magical place, created and existing in the minds of all children. It is a safe place to explore, create and invent with unrestrained imagination for the future world that children will inherit and inhabit. The word Poloppo is without pre-existing meaning. Nor is it an acronym. It simply refers to a place of inspiration, vision and hope shared by children all over the world.
We believe that creativity is an important part of a child’s development. All kids create some form of art. It can be a form of play, a form of therapy, a form of learning, and a form of self expression. We seek to nurture the creativity in kids around the world through our design, our promotion of children’s art, and our support of children’s art programs and schools.
We received the package (pictured above) which included everything we needed for the kids to create their own drawing. It had enough extra papers with it that both my girls were able to do their own drawing. The kit included markers, the paper to draw on, the shirt shaped easel, catalogue for selecting which shirt we wanted and a prepaid envelope to send the artwork back in. We had several kids and adult colors and sizes to choose from.
The girls got to work right away on their drawings and they both decided that they wanted to make something for me for Mother’s Day. That’s when it hit me that we would have to choose which child’s art work to put on the shirt! Since it was for Mother’s Day, I was able to turn that responsibility over to my husband so that I could be surprised!!

We received my new shirt just a couple of weeks after we sent in the artwork. It turned out so cute! The American Apparel t-shirt itself is very good quality and the artwork is nice and vibrant on the shirt. Hanna was super excited that it was her artwork on the shirt and we framed Rylee’s, so she was happy too!

Something that I really like and find unique about this company is their mission to “encourage creativity in children, to help artistically talented kids achieve their dreams, and thereby amplify the voice of the world’s children. Through this process we hope to bring ‘grown-ups’ to a heightened awareness of their global stewardship.”

One of the ways Poloppo achieves this is by collecting kid’s artwork from all over the world. Selected artists awarded by Poloppo receive free products and services, along with licensing fees and royalties on sales of any products displaying their work. The royalties awarded to the kids goes towards their education and Poloppo also donates 5% of their revenue to fund art programs and schools.

You can order your own kit directly on their site http://www.poloppo.com/ for $32.50 which includes everything you need to complete the project

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  1. tykelly1@yahoo.com · Edit

    I liked the design drawn by ulysse lwho ives in San Francisco,. Creative, terriific.

  2. sarah woods · Edit

    Love the tie dye of the sixties; now they come in kits; Hey Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Their mission at Poloppo is to encourage creativity in children, to help artistically talented kids achieve their dreams, and thereby amplify the voice of the world’s children.

  4. I learned that Poloppo was born in San Francisco and is now based in Brooklyn, NY.

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