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It’s a banner time in the Beery house, our triplets are growing at a rapid pace and this can only mean one thing: Baby Food. And these babies were happy to dive right into eat your colors® , the newest pouched food line by Plum Organics offering six unique flavored blends:

red: beet, apple & red bell pepper
green: pea, kiwi, pear, & avocado
yellow: mango, yellow zucchini, corn, & turmeric
orange: peach, pumpkin, carrot, & cinnamon
purple: plum, eggplant, blueberry, & sorghum
white: apple, cauliflower, & leek


At Plum Organics they know how important it is for our babies to eat their fruits and vegetables. And they know how important it is for us parents to know that what we are giving our babies is good for them. These blends come with clear peek-a-book windows so you can see the purees of fruits, veggies, and spices. Their unsweetened, USDA certified organic and non-GMO purees are a great way to introduce baby to a variety of colorful nutrients and flavors.


Plum Organics eat your colors® is for 6 Months & older, and along with taste, helps your baby explore all of their senses!

Sight: Babies are constantly watching us, even when we’re eating. Studies have shown that by watching us, babies are more inclined to eat what we eat. Bring on the colors; bright oranges, vibrant greens & deeps reds. Seeing with colorful foods will make it easier for a varied and balanced diet in the future.

Smell: We all know when it comes to eating smell and taste go hand in hand. When we’re cooking babies smell everything – herbs and spices, anything aromatic, making it more interesting to eat.

Touch: Babies love to touch EVERYTHING (no surprise there!). They love exploring new textures – by squishing, grasping and pinching. Along with providing soft chunks of food for fingers to touch, these food pouches are a different way for your baby to feed herself.

Sound: Babies taste preferences are rapidly forming at the same time they’re learning to understand words. By hearing you cook, and hear what the items are, it adds to their learning experience.

Plum Organics stands “by their philosophy that our little ones deserve the very best foods, from their very first bite.” Their eat your colors® line does just that, its nutritious while being a fun learning experience.

eat your colors® pouches are available at select retailers nationwide, including Target &
SRP: $1.79 per pouch
As always for more information, please visit their website.


Press Sample I received product in exchange for my review.

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  1. christopher sorel · Edit

    wonder if yournger kids would like this as sometime they forget the veggies

  2. These are so cool! Definitely buying them for my son, especially since they’re trips approved lol

  3. Austin Baroudi · Edit

    These would be great snacks for my daughter when she goes to school! Thanks so much for the chance!

  4. My little one love Plum Orgaincs. I would love to win this awesome prize for him
    Thank You for the chance

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