Home For The Holidays: PLAYMOBIL’s Advent Calendar

I received a calendar to facilitate my review.

Every year we purchase an Advent Calendar to help count down the Holiday Season. This is our second year having a PLAYMOBIL calendar and we find it just as magical as the first ones we reviewed.

PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar – Christmas Toy Store

Christmas Advent Calendar

It contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas. Once all the pieces are revealed, you can make your shopping list, play in the shop, and take a photo with Santa. 

Advent Calendar

My take: This calendar is stocked full of exquisite details. Both my son and daughter were impressed with how much variety of toys were found for this Santa workshop. My daughter loves the girly things…the teddy bear, the doll, the girl with the “very cool” snow hat while my son immediately focused on the skateboard, the tools and the gift sack full of walkie-talkies and swords.

I love how the anticipation builds each day and they first thing my kids do is rush to open a new slot to see what treasure they will discover. The toy set background is full of great details as well and by the end you truly do end up with a magical scene!