Nikon D3000 Final Review


Aww, the time has come to send the lovely D3000 back. (Actually it was overdue LOL) Anyways, i had a love- hate relationship with this one. It not as easy as the P90 is, but not as versitile as the D5000 (next review). So after the D5000 i concluded that i will go back to the P90 honestly .. IF i dont like the D5000. I have a hunch i will , but hey im only a mom so lets see how i handle the challenge.

I let Tina take the D3000 to a Monster Truck rally and we spent half the night texting directions on what ISO to put it on LOL. After about 30 mins she said ISO 400 was the best. She said that when she looked at the pictures afterwards she could tell the difference in a P&S picture and the Nikon picture. She said the D3000 took far crisper pictures. She said it was much clearer. I think the same thing. You an seriously see the quality in a Nikon.

Tina’s view-
Well for the short amount of time I had the camera, I found it very hard to figure out without any sort of directions (Angie had the bright Idea to call me an hour before the Monster Jam show and offer it to me to try). When I did figure out what button was what………. I thought the picture quality was GREAT at a short distance!!! I was able to take some great pictures from our seats which were 19 rows up from the trucks but the zoom was not what I would have expected from such a high caliber camera such as this. I did go to have some pictures printed to send to family and after seeing the pictures I took with the Nikon up against the pictures from my Kodak Easy Share I was very impressed with the Nikon camera. The Kodak has sort of a “grity” look to the picture when I print them out but the Nikon printed very smooth looking pictures. Overall I thought it was a great camera, however I would really need to sit down and read the directions on it before my next use!!




Retail value (in case your looking to buy) for the Nikon D3000 DSLR is 491.58 and Free Shipping at Amazon (Link Below).
Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

Now these following pictures are all from the Nikon D3000. I only enhanced a few (the pictures of my girls were not altered at ALL). However i only use Contrast, Sharpen, or a simple filter. I don’t use Photoshop or any professional software, so these are a moms real pictures, and a moms real touch. I think thats important to say because every mom wants something they can afford and use without screaming. Please see the rest of my reviews on our Nikon Page.

Special thankyou to Nikon for allowing me another awesome review.

I am truly grateful for these opportunities.




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  1. Those pictures turned out great! The Nikon D3000 seems to have some nice versatility to it. I have a Canon Sx10is and love it but when I purchased it was a toss up between Nikon and Canon. One of my coworkers got the Nikon so I got to play around with it a bit and then I still got the Canon but really only because they were very similar and I already know Canon. It wasn’t a big learning curve. I would have probably been just as satisfied with the Nikon and that will probably be the next we get but I still think I need to stay with the Hybrid types. It is somewhat a cross between the P&S & DSLR – Probably very much like the P90 I believe.
    Great review though and for Tina’s first time using it the pics are great!

  2. Elizabeth House · Edit

    Thanks for your review – I’ve been looking at this as a possible second camera I’m keeping it on my short list. Thanks!

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