Neveo Family Photo Album App

I was presented with a great opportunity to review an app called Neveo. Neveo allows you to send a printed photo album to your parents, grandparents, or friends, every month.

Simply add your favorite photos, (even invite other family members to add theirs). Then Neveo will print and deliver your album! So far, more than 100,000 families have jumped on board and tried Neveo.

We tried it! I uploaded 50 photos of my youngest from various times. Some with her sister, her grandpa, her best friend and her dog. I wrote just a single sentence for each (you can type 150 characters on each one though). Then sent them through for an album.  

? How it works ?
–         Download the Neveo app (both Itunes & Google Play are available) and create your account
–         Add your photos to the album: You can add pictures until the last day of each month
–         Add captions to your photos: (not mandatory), but it adds a personal touch to your album 
–         Ask your family to participate: brothers, sisters… Invite anyone who could add great pictures
–        Pick a plan that suits you best and submit your photo album

On the last day of every month, Neveo collects all the albums and automatically formats, prints and ships your albums. From now on, all you need to do is add your photos and captions and remind your family members to do the same. You’re all set!

Having family all over the world right now, we understand how photos can build family ties. Everyone loves looking at photo albums to remember all the good times. I know when ours arrived, the smile on my daughters face was priceless. She loved having a book for herself, and having enough room to write her own memories next to each photo.

I will be the 1st to admit that life gets busy and we often don’t take the time to print photos (of our children, our trips…) and send them to our parents, grandparents, even ourselves.
The Neveo family album is the best way to share your favorite moments with your family. Seeing your amazing memories printed out in a real photo album is magical.

This is a sponsored review.