Home For The Holidays: Multi-Charging Station Giveaway


Do you have too many electrical devices and not enough chargers? Are you sick of the cords and clutter? This is a daily issue in my house thanks to my 3 kids. If so, check this out:

Multi-Charging Station

Multi-Charger Organizer

Turn any desk or table into a professional home office with our Original Multi Charging Station. This dock charges up to 5 devices simultaneously so you’re always ready-to-go. Say goodbye to tangled cords and chargers and power up like a professional.


  • No More Tangled Cords — Misplaced chargers and tangled cords are now things of the past – all thanks to our (patented) Original Multi Charging Station. Keep all your chargers in one place and forget about them for good!
  • Suited For All Your Devices — This charging station is designed to accommodate all of your electronic devices – from heavy laptops (up to 1.25″ thick) and tablets/e-readers, to your smartphones (all smartphones – 3 slots)!
  • Professional Organizer — Whether at your home or at your office, this charging station can easily double up as a professional organizer dock that tucks away all your dangling cables out of view.
  • The Perfect Gift — Our charging station is the perfect gift for anyone working from home, organizing their home office, entry-way, kitchen, or nightstand. It also looks great in any conference room or corporate office.
  • Dimensions — The Original Multi Charging Station measures 10″ L x 9″ H x 5.5″ W. The bottom tray internal dimensions (approx) are 9.5″ L x 1.50″ H x 4.75″ W. The vertical slots measure 1.25″ wide and accommodate most laptops and tablets. Universal compatibility with all consumer grade cell phones, tablets/e-readers, and laptops (up to 1.25″ thick).
  • Designed by Great Useful Stuff in California

1 lucky MommyPR reader will win their very own Multi Charging Station in Cherry with a 4 port USB!


Comments (12)

  1. I need this because my office area is disorganized with charging cords all over.

  2. Jonathan Post · Edit

    My nieces and nephews all have tablets and they have trouble keeping them all charged!

  3. Tammy Evans · Edit

    I need this because right now I have a crazy tangle of cords and nothing is every charged!

  4. Fredrick Pauly · Edit

    My kids take our phone chargers so I never seem to have one.

  5. I could use this because we have a lot of electronics in our home that needs to be charged all the time

  6. Daniel Lewis · Edit

    these are the coolest devices i love that they can charge everything at once

  7. Ann Fantom · Edit

    I would love to win the Multi-Charging Station because my husband, daughter and myself have numerous phones and tablets that always need charging.

  8. elizabeth miller · Edit

    I need this because between my teen, my husband and myself, I go insane with chargers and things charging laying everywhere like a mess.

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