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I am back with another great CD for children:


NYC-based singer/songwriter Meredith LeVande could truly  be termed a “Renaissance woman of children’s music.”  Meredith not only  holds undergraduate degrees in Women’s Studies and English, she also has a  master’s degree in music and a law degree!  Drawing from all these  disciplines for her multi-faceted work with children, Meredith heads up a  project with the marvelously mischievous moniker Monkey Monkey Music,  with a focus on “putting the child back into children’s music.”

Five  years ago Meredith’s debut album, Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith  LeVande, became an instant hit with families nationwide, was a Parenting magazine “Pick,” and was in rotation on Sirius Satellite  Radio, earning a grassroots reputation as a classic children’s recording.  Meredith LeVande has, since 2005, devoted herself to performing for  children in intimate settings, becoming a favorite among NYC area families and  creating a repertoire that has grown organically due to her one-on-one  interactions with children of virtually every culture imaginable.


With the new Monkey Monkey Music CD, What Are the  Odds?, Meredith has created something remarkable, finding the middle  road between baby songs and pop band songs where kids’ lyrics are simply added  to music that would otherwise be played for adults.  Meredith’s music is  not only child-friendly, it’s truly child appropriate, developed with the  healthy growth of the young child in mind.

What Are the  Odds? will be released on August 31.  Retails for $14.99 + shipping.

My take:  I really liked how this CD started out with a hello song and ends with a goodbye song!   The boys really enjoyed this CD especially Wheels, Air Guitar, Turn Your Body Around.   The silly knock knock jokes from Who’s A Knockin’ was by far the favorite of the 4 year old.  I really liked the counting lesson in What Are The Odds song and the shapes/direction lesson in Circle.




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