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I am having a hard time keeping my children’s necks straight when they are sleeping in the car.  As soon as they wake up, the 3 yr old immediately starts crying and says “my neck is stuck” mommy.  I have tried numerous inventions to help solve the problem but they either grow out of them or they simply don’t work.   A friend of mine suggested I try a Head Snuggler from Melrose Kids.  First a little about the company Melrose Kids:


Welcome to Melrose Kids, a family company! Melrose Kids is a company focused on making things more comfortable for kids and just a bit easier for parents. We are always working on new ideas to add comfort to children’s lives and peace of mind to parents.


What is a Head Snuggler?

If you have children, then you know the trouble with sleeping children in car seats. Their poor little heads bob and flop from front to side to side. It’s an uncomfortable thing to watch as a parent, and can be harmful to their necks and spines.

That’s why I decided to develop the Head SnugglerTM. It’s designed to properly support a child’s head and neck while he/she rests in the car seat (or simple umbrella stroller) to not only provide more comfort for kids, but peace of mind for parents.

Usage Tips

  • The Head Snuggler™ should be usable on most infant, toddler and booster car seats. (If your booster seat doesnt have a back, simply use the Head Snuggler™ with your own vehicle’s head rests.
  • Position the Head Snuggler™ around the back of your childs car seat. If your tether strap is directly at the top of the seat, feed the tether through the hole in the middle of the top seam of the Head Snuggler™, then secure the seat again.
  • When pulling the Head Snuggler™ in place around your child’s head, be sure to get it snuggly across their forehead. You can even cover their eyes with the Head Snuggler™ for added shade, just be sure not to pull it down any further or your child may become uncomfortable. (Never pull the Head Snuggler™ down around your childs full face).
  • You can adjust the height that the Head Snuggler™ falls to by rolling it up if necessary.
  • You can also use the Head Snuggler™ on standard Umbrella Strollers that dont have the brims that pull forward for shade. Simple feed the stroller handles through the two holes at the edges of the top seam of the Head Snuggler™. (See picture for illustration)
  • As with use on car seats, adjust to a comfortable height for your child in the umbrella stroller, rolling up if needed.
  • The Head Snuggler™ is designed to be used while a child is in the supervision of a parent or adult. It is not meant to be used on a car seat that is not secured in a vehicle.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle for any length of time.
  • We DO NOT CLAIM that the Head Snuggler™ will in any way protect a child in an accident. It is meant to be a comfort and support to children and is not a safety device.

My Take:  I was getting a little frustrated because we went on a 4 hour car trip and neither of my children slept…I really think they know when I want to try a product out on them!    No fear, because this past weekend I was finally able to review the Head Snuggler.  The company was gracious to send me 2 of them (brown and blue teddy bear patterns).

I absolutely love them!  I tried to leave it on the top of the car seat so I could just pull it down when needed but Mr. Curious 18 month old just wasn’t having that, so I waited until they were fast asleep.  Now of course my husband was driving the car when I climbed back to put the Head Snuggler on the boys.  The Head Snugglers worked like a charm, perfect alignment of the spine (the physical therapist in me loved that), no stiff necks after they woke up.  My 3 year old didn’t even realize he had it on his forehead until I reached back to remove it.  I really like how usable these are.  They can be used with forward/rear facing car seats, on an umbrella stroller, and my favorite on the headrest of a car.  I finally have a product that can be used for years to come!

Head Snugglers retail for $20.99 and come in a variety of patterns…but they are always adding more patterns so check back often.


I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.


I did receive product or services to keep for my testing purposes.


The product itself did not persuade my personal beliefs or views.
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    P.S. Do they make head snugglers for adults? I really need one on long plane, car, train rides too!

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    Thank you. This would be a cute gift for the couple whose baby I am carrying. 🙂

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