LittleMissMatched has some of the cutest, most original products I have seen in a VERY long time! They are all about encouraging “kids” of all ages to express themselves. How cool is that? And thanks to them, you can express yourself in style!LittleMissMatched offers a variety of super fun stuff like clothing, bedding, toys, accessories and more.
I got to try a pair of their adorable Flip Flops, which are one of my addictions in life. HA!
Aren’t they cute?!? I love them! They are so fun and I don’t own pair like them! (And trust me, I own a lot of Flip Flops!) They are also comfortable, bendable, but durable which is a must when they are pretty much all that you wear! They came just in time for summer and will get a lot of use this year!
Sidenote: After I took all my pictures to post for my review, I couldn’t find my USB cable anywhere! They look super cute on and I wanted to show you! I even painted my toenails for you girls! Guess you will have to get a pair to see just how cute they are on! 😉
Here is what first caught my eye! I saw this in a magazine and thought “Wow! That is so cute! I have got to find who makes this and let all the Mommies know who they are! Their stuff is too cute not to share!” Isn’t this outfit adorable! (And the baby!)
I also really like their bedding! My husband would not be a fan of this one on our bed, otherwise, I would buy it! It is so fun!
There was a little sneak peak, now go check out the rest of their amazing stuff!
So, what are you going to get?