I had the chance to review the Cloud from Kimochis. The cloud is the most cutest thing. When Cloud arrived at my home my children rushed to open the box and they were very pleased with it. The cloud had 2 sided faces so my children could make Cloud  feel the same they are feeling. Cloud came with 3 mixed feelings inside his pouch. Happy, Sad and  Mad. My son is 3 and doesn’t know how to read but I must say in less than a half hour he was telling me what the words said without looking on the other side at the faces to know which was which. Now granted he probably just memorized the colors to know which one I wanted him to read but at some time he will recoginize the words when they are not on the mixed feelings cushions. I can’t wait till I try it after a month of him seeing the words to see if he can tell me what they are on paper. Not only is this a great feelings toy it can also be used other ways. I have to tell you all that my son is 3 and I thought this would be more for him. I was WRONG.. My 7 year old daughter also found him to be delightful. She tells me they are sharing Cloud. I thought how cute. Then I went in to check on the children as they were playing and guess what I spotted.?  My 11 year old was also playing with Cloud. She said she loved how soft Cloud feels. This just goes to show you that a child does not have to be small to enjoy these toys.

Kimochi Cloud is a bit unpredictable. One day he is happy, the next day he is angry and next day who knows. Cloud lives in the big sky and loves to travel across the tree tops paying visits to all of his friends. Cloud can be moody which makes it hard for him to get along with the other Kimochis but when he is happy he spreads sunshine and makes everyone happy.

Kimochi Bug is thoughtful and extremely cautious. He is really smart and is known to talk to himself and the others out of any given situation. This confuses the other Kimochis and makes them forget what they are trying to accomplish.

Kimochi Huggtopus is all smiles and hugs. She is very affectionate and sometimes strong. She sometimes gets a bit carried away by her big friendly personality. You can always count on Huggtopus to put a smile on your face if your feeling down and to give you a hug to make you feel better.

Which Kimochi is your child most like? I love that my kids have a little of all of them inside them. Using the Kimochis children can get in touch with their feelings and show you how they feel in a comfotable way for them. That’s really want all parents want right? To know how your child is feeling so you can fix it. These are great for loving and feeling purposes.


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