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This review came at the request of my husband of course lol. Now at first Kicker sent me a IKick I500 to review, but due to some technical difficulties we had to switch to something else. Well i figured it would be some amp, or speaker that would be impossible for me to use or install LOL.
Because isnt that what you think of when you hear Kicker??? It was to me!

Thats when i was told about these great new additions to Kicker.. Earbuds! I was so pumped up to test these, maybe more than my hubby! So the EB101s arrived in 4 colors (black, green,pink and silver).
My husband choose the black and we began testing. We tried several different types of music and volumes. There was something i noticed right away….i could not hear what he was listening to when they were in his ears! How great! That ment to me that the sound was traveling where its suppose his ears LOL. So i wanted to test them on my hand..if i laid these on my hand..even just softly, what would happen?? Guess what…the same thing! 


So my overall thoughts on these? I have to agree..worth the price! Im sure you can find some sales out there somewhere on them so if 50 is not in your budget..try ebay or maybe even or for a better deal.
Colors- I wish i could keep the green ones, they are so pretty. My take on the rest are high quality, very nice vibrant colors. The ear bud attachments are nice, the grey set feel like that memory foam stuff! These actually stayed in my ears and im really surprised because i usually never buy earbuds for that reason. These..stayed with no problem, plus with 4 different sizes, i am sure one will fit you.
The Y cut “ribbon” is actually made of fabric instead of plastic so it wont catch on your clothes and such. Very nice quality and craftsmanship.


What i expected from Kicker were Noise Isolation Earbuds ..i got the most awesome Noise Isolation Earbuds!
Cost- $49.95
Where can you buy them- Kicker.Com & Select Online electronic stores (Ps- Amazon has them for $36-$40 depending on color and Free Ship!)
Worth the cost? – YES!



From Kicker
The wait is over – KICKER has taken its signature sound quality and put it in exceptionally comfortable earbuds. EB101 Earbuds have the supreme performance expected from KICKER and the comfort to be worn continuously, dramatically increasing retention and providing a secure in-ear fit for today’s active lifestyles.

Both cozy sets come with clear silicone tips available in three sizes for every comfort level. Also included with each are a set of Comply™ Foam Tips, unique breathable memory foam activated by body heat and becoming ultra-soft, reducing irritation and fatigue.

EB101 premium, noise-isolation earbuds feature KICKER sound quality that is sure to please at an affordable price. This lighter pair (only half-an-ounce) contains 10-millimeter speakers and neodymium magnets. With four colors available (black, silver, pink, green), it is easy to express personality. The EB101’s style, reliability, and quality heard through the speakers are undeniably KICKER.

Both pair comes with a wire sync allowing users to live an active lifestyle with no fear of restricted movement. Tangled earbuds are no problem with tangle-free, black woven cloth over KICKER Ultra-Gauge™ cable connected to a corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated 3.5mm stereo minijack. The minijack also fits the recessed socket on the iPhone™.



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    I like that the Included Tips are three sizes of soft silicone, 1 set Comply™ Memory foam tips

  2. I visited their site and liked the Kicker Earbuds in Pink Hover. I also liked their Ipod Speaker Dock.

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