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I am so excited about KidsGive and their Karito Kids!!!  I came across their site a few weeks ago and really connected with their message. The founders of Karito Kids, Laura and Lisa had a dream and that dream was to spread the word that kids around the world are pretty much the same, and that given the chance they would want to help each other.

What does this dream have to do with Karito Kids? The six dolls that they currently carry each represent a different culture around the world but that is where the differences stop. Each girl comes with her own story and each is doing her part to make the world a better place. But it doesn’t stop there! KidsGive has gone a step further and provided a way for our children to also help to make the world a better place.

As a multicultural family, I know first hand that kids are all the same regardless of whatever differences there may be in appearance and in their cultures. I love that Karito Kids has made it their mission to spread this message and to get kids involved in helping other kids all over the world!

One of the things that I love the most about Karito Kids is that they give our kids the opportunity to make a difference for children all over the world. When you check out their website you will see a section for “play”. What makes this different than any other site that includes games for kids, is that on this one your children will earn “change” which they can then donate to the cause of their choice in the charity section of the site. It was no surprise to me when Rylee picked “Providing Milk and Eggs for School Kids” in China! Hanna has now donated twice and picked “Preventing Disease with Mosquito Nets” also not all that surprising since she is a major mosquito magnet.

There are currently 6 Karito Kids including the one we were sent to review, Wan Ling. I am so impressed with the quality that goes into making these 21″ dolls and was not expecting the stunning beauty of these dolls!

Karito Kids are 11 year old girls who are all culturally unique and each has their own area of interest. Wan Ling cares for endangered Pandas in China and the book that comes with her is written as a mystery, suspense type story. My 9 year old LOVED this story! But now she desperately wants Piper (pictured above). Piper is from Australia loves to surf and loves dolphins (and so does Hanna).

Not only were we fortunate enough to receive Ling for review but they also sent Rylee their “Ling goes to Japan” Travel Charmer Soft Doll for her birthday! The Travel Charmers are super cute and small enough to take anywhere.

They also carry a very nice selection of fashion and accessories for the World Collection Dolls in their online store like clothing for a princess party, play date or even a slumber party!

Just check out this impressive collection of awards that the World Collection Dolls have received. Karito Kids offers the whole package – Beautiful quality doll, trendy well made clothing, great story, cultural learning and charitable giving!
You can purchase any of the World Collection Dolls directly from the Karito Kids site (http://www.karitokids.com/) or you can check their site for a retail store near you. I was excited to see that there are several speciality toy stores in my area on their list!




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  1. I really like the Piper doll and the cause I would pick would be Feed the Children.

  2. Leslie S. · Edit

    My daughter has a lot in common with Gia from Italy(so I would have to chosse her).The cause I would choose would be health.Thanks!

  3. I like Pita from Mexico & the cause I’d choose would be hunger

  4. My favorite doll is Gia Russo from Florence, Italy. And the cause I would support is donating books to the school in Mali

  5. I liked the doll, Gia, from italy. I would choose to donate to the cause of “homes” for families. Blessings!

  6. My favorite item is the Wan Ling doll. I would choose the “School: Helping Kids Learn Through Books”

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