K is for Kabuki: A Japan Alaphabet



I have yet another great book from Sleeping Bear Press for all of you!  First a little bit about the company:


Since our first success with The Legend of Sleeping Bear (Official Children’s Book of Michigan) in 1998, Sleeping Bear Press has impressed young readers, parents, teachers and booksellers with high-quality, beautifully illustrated picture books. As a small regional publisher based in Chelsea, Michigan, we’re proud to say that readers throughout the country know us by name. Our authors and illustrators are visiting more schools and bookstores than ever before. Our books have inspired sterling reviews, won awards, have been featured in presentations and even found their way under the White House Christmas tree. No matter our size, our goal remains the same: Provide books that enrich children’s lives through stories that blend entertaining text with educational content.

Now, a decade after the publication of The Legend of Sleeping Bear, our list has continued to grow and expand. In addition to our widely known Discover America Sate-by-State series, we have more than six different series including our Tales of Young Americans and our newest series Tales of the World. We are extremely grateful to and proud of the gifted authors and illustrators who have helped us reach our 10th year in children’s publishing.

With the support of our parent company Gale Cengage, we are dedicated to producing distinctive children’s books with rich content. Books that benefit not only the children who love them but also the adults who read them aloud in schools, libraries, and to their families each night at bedtime.

Sleeping Bear Press is continuing with their most recent addition to their Discover the World Series.  I was given the chance to review K is for Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet.


Judo, origami, sushi – with just a few words an immediate landscape is conjured: the country of Japan. In K is for Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet, young readers are invited to travel to faraway Japan and explore its rich history, traditions, and role in today’s world.

Evocative artwork captures the spirit of each letter topic.

O is for Origami
A paper frog, a paper tree,
a paper sunflower just for me,
a paper fox, a paper shrew,
a paper tiger just for you.

From the comic relief of Kyogen theater to the powers of a Zen garden, K is for Kabuki brings the past, present, and pageantry of Japan to life.

Adding to the excitement is www.discovertheworldbooks.com a new interactive website for kids, families, and educators featuring both Discover the World and Tales of the World titles.   The site includes games, recipes, travel tips, history, cultural links, and more!

My take:  I love the bold, rich colors found in the illustrations of this book…they really are gorgeous!  I do not know much about Japan so this book was very educational for me and I can’t wait until my children are older so I get a chance to share this wonderful culture.

K is for Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet retails for $17.95.  

The next book review I am completing for Sleeping Bear Press is Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers (which is the fictional partner to this book) so be on the lookout!






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  1. I work with English Language Learners in an elementary school and actually have two students who are Japanese. The book that is interesting to me on the site besides the giveaway book is P is for Passport – A World Alphabet. Perfect for my students! last year we had thirty three students, with 13 languages and 22 countries represented. Thanks for this opportunity! (I also noted that there is teacher’s guide online)

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