How to Write a Really Good Essay

Essay writing may mean a lot of different things for every student, but for someone who is ambitious, writing articles give them a chance to showcase their academic prowess, demonstrate critical and original thinking as well as impress readers with their written English skills.

Students at different levels are asked to write essays to determine their standard of understanding of the subject. It gives them the chance to exercise research qualifications and forms interesting arguments to prove their point. Professors will know whether a student has learned from the question through these assignments. Essay writing measures a student’s knowledge, comprehension and analytical skills relative to the subject at hand. It also helps them develop better time management techniques, improve their English as well as their research and data gathering techniques.

What Makes Up a Good Essay?

If you have the skills to write an essay, then you must aim to write a perfect one to impress your professor and get high grades on the subject. But what makes up an excellent paper? How can it impress and leave an outstanding mark on the reader? Here are a few characteristics that are considered best traits of an essay.


An excellent composition is carefully thought and created through original thinking. Although you are given a topic to write about, you can think of coming up with a unique approach from a different angle. If you have a common argument in class, you can deviate from it and introduce new evidence and research insights from materials not included in your reading list.

In-Depth Knowledge and Understanding of the Topic

An excellent essay should display your solid understanding of the subject. It is not merely knowledge, but your comprehension of the issues and concepts discussed and why they are important. You must provide relevant facts and utilize them as the basis of your original arguments or hypothesis. Use quotes liberally from different sources to consider every point of view and display a confident stand on your argument.

Clear Structure, Balanced and Intelligent Debate


Reading an essay becomes more attractive and appealing when it has a coherent discussion of both sides of the story. It develops to form a balanced argument throughout and concludes with substantial evidence from in-depth research as well as intelligent opinion or interpretation of the topic covered.

No Unnecessary Information

To ensure that your essay is a good one, make sure that everything you write serves a purpose. Write an essay that informs and persuade. Avoid rambling and going off topic. Do not waste your reader’s time discussing superfluous information that is not relevant to your topic. Sort your facts to ensure that you do away with inappropriate material so that you can purely discuss your topic and show that you have a firm grasp of the matter.

Showcase your English Writing Skills

Your words show flow effortlessly and encourage readers to delve more deeply into your work. Reading your essay provide a feeling of comfort and understanding. An excellent essay is something that you won’t need to read twice to be understood. Sentences follow logically, and no random jumps from different topic are apparent.  Proofread your work to ensure that your spelling and grammar are flawless. Spell check is not enough. There must be no careless typo errors. A clean and perfect essay means that you have put time, effort and your heart at work. If you want to impress your teacher, your English and your paper should be impeccable.

Writing a perfect essay from scratch is more than just plain skill and talent. If you want to become better and improve your written English skills, you need to put in extra work to gain knowledge, insights and develop your critical thinking. Read more than just the reading list to inspiring quotes and actions that you can include in your essay.