Home For The Holidays: Laser Battle Hunters

I received Laser Battle Hunters to facilitate my review.

My boys have always loved playing laser tag. We were recently introduced to a toy that will be on any laser tag fan’s wish list:

Laser Battle Hunters:

Laser Battle Hunters

Laser Battle Hunters live up to their name with an amazing laser tag battling experience. Choose Shadow or Reaper then Game On! Single player vs. the smart car or grab a friend and go head-to-head. Ready, aim and fire…attack or be attacked. Three hits and you win. Comes with hi-tech Omniwheels for side-to-side driving in tight spaces, wide open racing or tough terrain. Sneak attack or come in blasting with blazing wide turns and epic drifting. Compatible with up to seven opponents.Lead your assault vehicle into battle with the two-pack Laser Battle Hunter. With 2 controllers equipped with FIRE buttons it’s great game play for kids ages 5+ years and older. These high-quality 2.4GHz radio control vehicles are upgraded with infrared cannons adjustable for indoor or outdoor play. Head-to-head conflict with a friend or switch to single player mode and hone your skills against the autonomous vehicle. With an operating range of 50 feet, laser-like lights and sounds and first-of-its-kind side-to-side crabbing movement you will control the fight in wide open or tight spaces. Group play can accomodate up to seven Laser Battle Hunters.

Remote Control Laser Tag Vehicles

Laser Battle Hunters Twin Pack Remote Control Laser Tag Assault Vehicles 2.4GHz 4WD Toy Kids 

  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Includes two remote control joysticks that allow you to 
  • FIRE and drive 8 different movements.
  • Operates from up to 80 feet away
  • Label sheet included for customized deco
  • Vehicles each use 5 AA batteries
  • Remotes each use 2 AA batteries
  • Quantity: 2

My take: I love how there is a label sheet for stickers if you want to customize the vehicles. Upon first glance out of the box, my eyes were immediately drawn to the unique wheel (omni wheels) which I have never seen a design quite like that before.

The fact that there are switches on the bottom of each vehicle for outdoor or indoor use is fantastic given the differences in surfaces.

The joystick controller allows for more detailed driving of the cars but the two buttons on top of the controller allow for a drifting movement which is very cool!

The large fire button on the controllers make a cool laser shooting sound and when a car has been hit a light indicator flashes and the car shakes.

You have the option of playing against multiple cars (7) or you can play alone.

I was very impressed with these cars….how durable they are, the price point ($50) and the overall “cool” factor make this a great toy to gift for the holidays!