Home for the Holidays: Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks: Celebrations Around the World from Fall to Winter Book

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.

Have you all been feeling the Disney love from all the great books I have been reviewing? I know I have! This next book easily rates in my top 5:

Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks: Celebrations Around the World from Fall to Winter

Disney Holiday Book

This deluxe jacketed hardcover is visual storytelling at its best. Almost 1,900 photographs (two-thirds of them taken just for this book) showcase Disney’s key locations filled with special holiday menu offerings, the biggest parade and stage productions and nighttime spectacles, the tiniest decorating details from amazing artists and designers, and, of course, the most significant historical holiday events. A harmonic trio of researchers, writers, and photographers logged more than 180,000 miles visiting every Disney park and resort across the globe, personally documenting the holiday installations through eighty thousand photographs and, wherever possible, meeting the talented and endlessly passionate artisans behind it all. 

With twelve theme parks and dozens of resort hotels, plus numerous cruise ships, dining and shopping districts, and more than six decades of holiday experiences, there are a lot of pumpkin treatments and ornate trees to reflect upon. (The smallest holiday tree at a Disney property is just four inches high, while the very tallest reaches up to seventy feet.) Every parade or show requires dozens (sometimes hundreds) of creative magicians both onstage and off. And each decoration is chosen carefully to fit within a story and is expertly placed on its tree or garland by craftspeople backstage. The decor is installed onstage, maintained, and, ultimately, disassembled by technicians before it is once again cleaned, prepared, and stored in vast warehouses . . . till next year’s event. The stories and contributions from so many unsung Cast Members (often hard at work at hours of the night when others are asleep) fill these pages, along with the joys of Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year celebrations. Time to join the party!

My take: This book is quite simply fantastic! It is extra large in size, has such gorgeous illustrations and has 348 pages stock full of information and photos!

The book focuses on 2 main seasons: autumn and winter and I guarantee you no matter how many times you have visited a Disney site you have not seen all the details shown in this book. There are pages just devoted to fireworks, castles, how the main entrances are decorated for each season and the many different types of food offered.

This book makes me want to visit each and every park and let’s not forget the resort hotels and Disney Cruise Line Ships which are also featured.

We are still poring over this book, but a few of my favorites thus far….how much detail goes into each and every project. Did you know that they start training the horses used for the Headless Horseman months in advance? I loved reading how they merged Jack Skellington and Christmas to make the Haunted Mansion Holiday. The variation of gingerbread uses astounds me. The addition of local choirs inspires me and the sneak peek into the production warehouse amazes me.

A perfect book to celebrate autumn and winter Disney style!