Monkey Business Sports- High Performance Action Toys

I received the below products to facilitate my review.

There is nothing better in my opinion than a toy that gets my kids active. I was recently introduced to a fantastic company called Monkey Business Sports.

At Monkey Business Sports, we build every toy with the simple goal of providing real fun for real kids. Monkey Business Sports strives to stay on the cutting edge of innovation while bringing you toys that stand up in quality, stand out in style, and push the limits of high-performance action!

Foam Strike x 3 PocketShot with 3 Balls

Pocket Shot

The mini-slingshot with major performance!

• Shoots over 40 feet
• Ultra-soft foam ammo
• Compact size and super stylish

This pumped-up, power-blasting, pocket-fitting slingshot’s about to ask just who you think you’re callin’ “little.” Load up a foam ball, yank back the hammer, and prepare to see how much punch this thing can pack! Set includes 1 Pocket
Shot™ and 3 balls. Patent pending. Ages 8 and up.

Foam Shot x 3 Switchblade Boomerang


Spring-loaded action for a boomerang ready any time, anywhere!
• Push-button release flips out 3 soft, durable blades
• Blades fold and lock for pocket transport
• Real boomerang flight indoors or out

This is the boomerang any superhero would have on his utility belt! Push the center button and 3 blades spring into position ready for flight! Throw it out there and this boomerang sails and returns! It’s soft, pliable, safe and easy to catch! Ages 6 and up.

Foamstrike X3 Pocketshot

  • The FoamStrike Pocket Shot can shoot over 40 feet
  • The pocket-sized shooter is lightweight and measures 5-1/2 inches
  • Three 1-1/2 inch foam balls are included
  • Reloading is quick and easy
  • This product is recommended for ages 6 years and up
  • The mini-slingshot with major performance
  • Shoots over 40 feet
  • Ultra-soft foam ammo
  • Compact size and super stylish
  • Set includes 1 pocket shot and 3 balls

Sky Rocket Minis- 4 Color Sets

Sky Rocket Minis

Ultra high-altitude mini’s with big performance!

• 4 different Mini’s with unique features
• Cool characters that fly over 250 feet

Ready for an out-of-sight flight? Launch a SkyRocket™ Mini, the smallest of the bunch with the biggest boast; these little guys fly higher than the rest! Collect all four to complete the set! Set includes 1 SkyRocket™ Mini and 1 launcher. Patented.
Ages 8 and up.

Whipper Skipper

Whipper Skipper

Fling it down to make it bounce and skip across any hard surface.

Big Daddy EZ Lasso Trick Rope

Big Daddy EZ Lasso Trick Rope?
  • A larger lasso to learn and improve your tricks.
  • Fun to practice, improve motor skills and have loads of fun!
  • Take it anywhere, Play it everywhere!
  • Real leather quick release Honda for safer play
  • Perfect stocking stuffer for Cowboys and cowgirls
  • Enjoy the world of Trick roping!
  • Perfect for halloween dress up!
  • 100% cotton large 22″x22″ Big Daddy bandana
  • Durable nylon rope, leather quick release Honda, finished natural wood handle



Super smooth sailing disc with stabilizing tail for straight, long flights.

  • Breaks down for easy transport and quick play
  • Flies amazingly straight and super far!

The colorful rip stop nylon tail makes the Tailfinz fly straight and true, eliminating dive away. Great for beaches, parks, backyards, school fields, just about any open area.

Extremely low resistance between the integrated disc and the base of the shaft means Tailfinz flies farther with ease.

Posts and tail removes easily for transport!

Slam Bam Minis

Slam Bam Minis

The same self righting, high bounce Monsta Balls now in a Mini size!

  • Even more portable and pocketable fun!
  • Always rock right back to an upright position!
  • Super soft high quality hair and a super bouncing ball base!

6 new incredibly silly and whacky characters to collect!

My take: EVERY single toy listed in the review guarantees physical activity for your child, a huge win in my opinion. While some will stay permanent outdoor toys (slingshot) every product is such a great way to entice your child to get out and play! My favorite is the boomerang, while my boys love the Foam Shots and my daughter loves the Monsta balls, all are perfect for holiday gifts!

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