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When my boys were learning their colors and numbers I desperately wished they would have had the opportunity to learn by using this next product review.  I am so excited that my daughter will have the chance to learn these important concepts by utilizing the Guidecraft Barnyard Activity Boxes:




Can you count them all? One red horse, two orange cows, three yellow sheep, four green pigs, five blue geese, and six purple chickens. But don’t forget the six barns as well. Our 28-piece set features six wooden barns and their corresponding farm animals to help with counting, sequencing, shape-sorting, color-matching and more! Each barn has the animal screened on one side; a shape-cutout on the opposite side; a barn door with child-friendly elastic hinges; and a color-coordinated Acrylic panel so children can see who lives inside each barn! A great combination of dramatic play and educational elements all wrapped up in one! Ages 2+. Each barn measures 3.5″w x 3.25″d x 4.25″h.

Retails for $44.95

My take:

Mom’s perspective:  I adore how many ways these Barnyard Activity Boxes can be used for learning purposes:  color and number recognition, learning how to read, shape sorting, learning different animals and let’s not forget the play aspect.  The colors are rich and vibrant and remind me of a rainbow when looking at it.  Every single side of each barn can be utilized for learning.  This product can be used by the very early preschooler who can simply match the correct color of an animal to its respective barn and then progress to learning the colors, numbers and animals.  Finally I have been using this set to help my kindergartner learn how to read the numbers one through six.  It is also important to note that while each of these pieces are sturdy enough to withstand preschool touches none are heavy enough to inflict damage in case a preschooler becomes a little too enthusiastic.

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Physical Therapist’s perspective:  This is a great tool to help practice fine motor coordination by opening/closing the barnyard doors (which has a sturdy knob for easier grasping).  Each door can be left halfway open and  is not heavy so you don’t need to worry about fingers getting pinched.  Each door also closes slowly so a child has time to respond thanks to the elastic hinges.  The shape sorter aspect is probably my favorite because it makes the child work because they have to exactly line the figure with its cutout in order to successfully place it in the barn.  The animals are thick which makes them easier to grasp whether a child want to place them in their respective barns or just play with them.


Press Sample

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  5. My kids would love power clix, but the wood blocks city its pretty cool too! Great toys! Thanks for sharing.

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