Grandfather Clocks

When I was younger, I remember visiting my grandparent’s house and admiring the towering, beautiful grandfather clock. The clock was recently passed down the family to my aunt who proudly displays it in her house. Every time I visit her house and see the enormous clock, I ponder the idea of getting a grandfather clock of my own so that I, too, can pass it down my family line one day.

At I found a close match of my grandparent’s grandfather clock, pictured below. has so many grandfather clocks to choose from, it was not only exciting for me to scroll through all of them, but it also made it possible for me to find a closest representation of the grandfather clock in my family.


I love the classic style, the intricate detail, and the beautiful shiny finish of the wood in this Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, Lindsey style.  If I was fortunate enough to have this stunning grandfather clock in my own house, I’d place it in my formal living room on the middle level of my house. That way it could be the center of attention of the room and when it chimed every hour, it could be heard throughout the entire house!
grandfather clocks


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