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I may not be a cosmetology student, but I enjoy doing hair so much, I had to contact Giell Beauty Supply for the Marianna Miss Kim mannequin head.

You may be asking what a mannequin head is or does. It is basically just like what it sounds like: a fake head with hair on it and they are often used in cosmetology school. The Miss Kim has 100% real hair, that means you can heat style it, wash it, use products, and much more. This mannequin head has medium length, brown hair that is very easy to style.

Now, I bet some of you are wondering why in the world you would need a mannequin head. Here are some reasons:

  • Try out hairstyles on someone else, before yourself.
  • Practice new hairstyles you have never tried
  • Have Fun!
  • Play with new concepts
  • Work on someone who is patient and doesn’t fidget
  • So much more!

Not only does Giell offer many mannequin heads (among other things), they also offer them for reasonable prices. This mannequin head is very useful and you can do virtually any thing with it. For example:

  • Curl it
  • Straighten it
  • Hot Roll it
  • Crimp it
  • Wave it
  • Wash it
  • Cut it
  • Do anything!

That means you can even see what a haircut looks like, before you chop off your own locks, and what you can do with it. I’m sure you’ll find many new things to do with it too!





Giell Beauty Supply offers a vast selection of cosmetology mannequins from 4 of the major leading brands (Marianna, Celebrity, Diane and HairArt). Need one with human hair, synthetic hair, for color training, for your state board exam, for a competition, a tripod or accessories, we’ve got it all.


Angela’s take- Well some of you don’t know but i actually went through Cosmetology school. (jack of all trades here lol) Yep! I loved pedicures the most (yes feet). What i do remember are those heads. Of course there are all kinds of heads, hair, brands and models out on the market (surprised?).  I remember when i had enrolled (we are talking 10+ years ago lol), everyone wanted a pretty face one. When i saw mine, i though well she isnt as bad as i thought. I see the mannequins now on Giell and man, i really want one just because LOL. Plus they are ALOT cheaper than when i was buying them.

Now your probably wondering WHY this item would be on Mommy PR? I bet the half of you who clicked to read this review are Etsy sellers.Right? and you probably make something for children? Just think of these Mannequins for your hair bows, clips, and hats! Perfect for sitting still, and you can use it after the kids go to bed. I know when i need a picture with my girls, i need it after 9am and before 9pm .. well with a mannequin you dont! Its always ready for your camera! Now i just bought one off ebay but its a stupid Styrofoam one and im so glad that Lillian did this review because now i see the prices of Giell’s and its much more affordable.

Now another use of these would be for moms starting out in school, or i noticed there is one blogger who only blogs about hair pieces and updo’s. So this would be great for that as well. Lets look at price for a second and usability..  the prices on Giell run 22.99 – 83.99. That is NOT bad at all for what you can do to them.  Some of these have real human hair so you can, cut, color, shave, highlight, etc. And re-use them as often as you want until of course you have nothing left.. but hey even then.. use it as a wig holder lol.

Before i leave you i HAVE to show you this head.. as soon as i seen it i laughed soooo hard. But honestly if we would have had this one in school, i prob would be better at mens cuts LOL.



I was provided a product for review.

I was in no way persuaded to alter my posting.

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  1. This is sooo fun, I laffed to myself when I seen it but I did pick the HairArt 28″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head Human Hair, Dark Brown Hair – Anna and I need it for just for the heck of it maybe put it in the window to scare the trick or treaters lol

  2. katmagick · Edit

    Celebrity by Burmax 22″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair, Brown – Sam II would be my pick because it looks most like me and has the same hairline and hair thickness. As a cosmetologist, it would allow me to style it the way I want my hair. Then I could take it to my stylist to get the hair style that I want.

  3. Jennifer G · Edit

    Celebrity 18″ Afro Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair, Black – Naomi for my cousin in cosmetology school!

  4. I would choose the Anna, and I need this because Im teaching myself how to cut my own hair.

  5. I’d choose the HairArt 28″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head Human Hair, Blonde Hair. I want to win so I can give this to my niece. She is going to start cosmetology school in the fall.

  6. I’d pick the HairArt 23″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head Human Hair, Brown – Maria.
    My teen loves experimenting with new hair styles and makeup. She’d love to have this.

  7. I like the Celebrity 21″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair, Brown – Debra

  8. I would choose the Anna just because I think it would be cool to practice hairstyles on it!

  9. HairArt 28″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head Human Hair, Dark Brown Hair – Anna

    For practice!

  10. Veronica Garrett · Edit

    I would choose the HairArt 23″ Cosmetology Mannequin Head Human Hair, Brown-Maria. I would like to have one for fun but I need one for cutting hair. I/m the barber in the family with some haircut failures.

  11. I would choose the Anna mannequin head. I would use it to practice hairstyling.

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