Fruitables is actually very good i say actually because i looked at it and thought how can  fruit and vegetables

taste good mixed together. i dont know how they manage to make this miracle but i love it. My family aggrees that it is good. My personal

favorite one is tropical orange not to say that berry berry and strawberry kiwi is bad they are good to.

It even has a full serving of friut and vegetables not just a little bit of each.


Fruitables are delicious juices that have a combined serving of fruits and vegetables in each box, contain 1/3 less sugar than

regular brands, and have between 40 and 70 calories. They are filled with 100% of daily-recommended vitamin C, are a good source

of antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E, and contain no added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

Feel confident your kids are getting essential nutrients they need without all the sugar.



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