EnviroMate BRIO EB250

Having the oldest child in school and the middle child in daycare is bound to mean one thing for us each winter….plenty of germs.  Unfortunately for us this year we were part of the unlucky population to catch the dreaded flu in January.  Fast forward to two weeks ago when I was looking to clean my entire house for a birthday party for both of my boys.  I knew I wanted to clean as effectively as possible and thank goodness Reliable Corporation, manufacturer of innovative steam cleaning appliances, was there to help me!


The dreaded flu struck early this season and is in full force, spreading across the country with a vengeance. As Americans flock for flu shots in record numbers, much of the nation is searching for additional methods that will help keep their families healthy and homes germ-free. 
A safe, simple and chemical free option to winning the war on germs is readily available to consumers through the use of steam, a healthy alternative to killing harmful germs and bacteria in every room and surface of the home. 
According to acclaimed chemist, Dr. Gerald Schultz, “Steam temperatures above 180 degrees Fahrenheit will kill up to 99.9% of common germinating bacteria.”
Traditional cleaning relies on harsh cleaners and disinfectants; the power of steam sanitizes all areas where bacteria loves to hide- without the use of chemicals.
Simple Steps to Steam Away Feisty Flu Germs:

– Sanitize everyday household items that are constantly touched such as doorknobs, faucets, countertops, microwaves, refrigerators and toilet handles

– Disinfect children’s toys, carpets, sealed floors, gym bags and backpacks

– Remove and destroy bacteria from the mattress, pillows, and upholstery


I was given the opportunity to review the EnviroMate BRIO



The EnviroMate BRIO is the latest in our series of high quality steam cleaners for the home.  The BRIO comes complete with a multi-purpose range of accessories, micro-switch for steam control and a temperature pressure gauge. Handy for sanitizing the whole home without the use of harsh chemicals – all you need is water.


The EnviroMate BRIO is easy to use, compact and lightweight. It offers a user- friendly steam cleaning experience at a price that makes steam cleaning attainable to a wider array of users. Accessories included will tackle all cleaning tasks efficiently and effectively. Ergonomic handle and steam control switch make this a delightful introduction to steam for those new to the world of steam cleaning.


  • 21-piece accessory kit


  • Adjustable pressure control  Micro switch + solenoid activation
  • Engineered for faster heat up 5 minute
  • Superior steam quality and delivery
  • Pressure gauge
  • Patented steam wand fits into unit for one-handed mobility
  • 302º – 320º F boiler temperature
  • 245°F tip temperature

Retails for $299

My take:  At first I was skeptical that this unit would step up to the job because it is small compared to any other I have seen.  In no time at all this mighty machine proved me wrong.  After reading the manual and orienting myself to all of the accessories I was quickly on my way to sanitizing my home.  Hands down my favorite place to use my EnviroMate BRIO EB250 is in the bathrooms.  The accessories make reaching all the nooks and crannies a cinch to clean.  The boys bathroom was by far the worst with built up soap and toothpaste crammed in every imaginable space.  Within 10 minutes their bathroom countertop and fixtures looked brand new.

I love so many things about this unit.  It is small enough to fit in tight spaces, it has wheels for easily keeping up with you when you are cleaning floors, there is a place to store the handle when not in use and there are so many attachments I have not found a single thing that I could not access and get completely clean.  You fill up the water tank with the provided funnel and measuring cup, turn the unit on and wait until the green light is activated (takes about 5-7 minutes).  It is important to remember before using the unit to activate the trigger handle to release any built up water (I just squirted the water into the sink).  Once you have done that pick your accessory and you are ready to clean.  Pick your pressure by using the dial pressure gauge and you are on your way.

There are only two things I would change and believe me they are minor-  the EnviroMate BRIO250 comes with a carrying case for all the accessories.  I would suggest changing the color from black to any other color.  It is difficult to locate the small pieces (most of which are black).  In the same vein I would also like a small zippered pouch to put into the accessory bag so you can store all the smaller pieces.

I have tackled counters, floors, bathtubs, toilets, baseboards, kid/baby toys and kitchen appliances and am so happy with the results.  Each surface is super clean and I didn’t have to use any chemicals which is really important to me since my 7 month old will be crawling around in no time at all.   Now that the party is over and my house is clean I am ready to tackle the bedding!



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. I did a receive free product samples to keep for my testing purposes. I was under no obligation to write a positive review for the product. Receiving the product for free did not persuade my personal beliefs or views. My views are solely my own opinions.