Tablift Tablet Stand Review +Giveaway


I received a Tablet to facilitate my review.

How many times have you wished for a way for your electronic tablet to be held upright when you are on the couch, floor or bed? I recently had the opportunity to review Tablift.

One of the best selling and highest rated tablet stands on the market, the tablift was designed to address the problem of using your iPad or tablet in places like the bed and the couch, where most use takes place. The tablift allows you to use your tablet in places with uneven surfaces completely hands-free, giving you the freedom to sit or lie back and enjoy your tablet without having to hold it in your hands or rest it on your lap. So now you can watch movies, read, check your email, and play games in complete comfort by freeing your hands.

The tablift works with virtually all brands, models, and sizes, including all generations of iPads, full-sized and mini, as well as all generations and sizes of Samsung Galaxy tablets. To work, your tablet must have an edge that will fit into the 10mm slot on the tablift (this is virtually all tablets on the market).

My take: This is my type of product…absolutely no assembly! Simply take out the box, place your tablet in one of the slots (depending on the angle you want to view), and secure the elastic band around your device and you are set. My kids tend to use it to watch videos when they are laying on the floor or couch. I prefer to use it in bed when I’m reading my Kindle. Either way- the results are the same, easy hands free usage!

3 lucky MommyPR readers will each win a Tablift electronic tablet stand!


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  1. Buddy Garrett · Edit

    This would be great. I use my tablet most of the time when I am on the couch, floor, bed or on the grass.

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