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I am back with another family friendly CD:  Earthworm Ensemble.


Earthworm Ensemble is a music project for kids and parents, with some of Los Angeles’s best folk/country artists —  I See Hawks In L.A.,  Mike Stinson, The Chapin Sisters,  Zachariah,  Brantley Kearns —  singing and playing fiddles, mandolins, guitars, horns, and steel. 

 We’re calling it family music, rather than just children’s music.  We  hope children and their parents can enjoy the songs together, and talk about some of the  ideas in the songs.

 We sing about the earthworm’s role in the plant cycle; about buffalo migration as told by a young buffalo;  buying fresh corn at the farmer’s market and taking it home to cook; how to make pizza from scratch;  and trains, walking in the woods, birds, and a superhero team of Bear and Dog who’ve come to save the planet!  You can sing along, and there’s a song to drum along with too, and two lullabyes.

 The songs are folk, old timey, country  rock, New Orleans second line, and even some funky beats.

Retails for $14.99 and will be released on February 19, 2010.

My take:  This is a very cute earth friendly CD.  I like the message: environment friendly…my 4 year old and I had several discussions about cleaning up the earth and nature in general thanks to this CD.  We also loved the funky beats found on a lot of these songs!  Our favorites:  The Traveling Train, the 2 year old LOVED Bear and Dog, I adored Mama Loves You and Little Willie Buffalo.




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  1. I think my favorite song would be ‘Goodnight little spaceship’, what a nice way to have your children falling asleep dreaming of the bigger wider space!

  2. Goodnight little spaceship was also my favorite.


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