DIY Don’t Touch Baby Stroller Tags


If you’re like me, you love babies. Their squishy cheeks, soft little feet & button noses. You swell with pride when someone says your baby is beautiful & just precious.

And then. It happens.

They reach into the car seat. They touch your baby.

A stranger, whom you’ve never met until just now in the salad dressing aisle, touches Junior. You can *literally* see every germ known to man kind being transferred to your baby. And on the rare occasion, someone KISSES your baby or a child jumps up & down on the stroller or TRIES TO PICK YOUR BABY UP. (All true instances involving yours truly & friends of mine.)

To quote a young millennial girl with a fresh Starbucks in hand, I can’t even.

So, upon frantically searching the Internet for netting to put over the car seats, I found little signs you can put on the car seats or strollers. Genius!!! But, I’m not about to pay someone for something I can easily make.

List of items:

  • index cards-I used ones that are a little larger than the standard size.
  • Scotch self-seal laminating pouches-Because, not today rain!
  • Sharpies
  • Single hole punch.
  • Extra hair ties I had lying around
  • (I used a coffee mug for tracing.)
  • Wrote this nifty little message, that I’m praying to all that is holy, people will read.


Dont touch baby signs


I followed the instructions provided by Scotch. But couldn’t find them online to share. Here is the basics of it:

  • Use your mug to trace a circle around an index card
  • Use your sharpie(s) to write what you would like the tag(s) to say
  • Use your self laminating pouches, then once sealed cut the excess off around the circle. (Don’t go too close to the edge or it will break the seal.
  • Put the hair-tie through & BAM! Sign is made. (I found it easier to punch a hole in the index card first, and then punch over it again once the laminating is done.)


So here’s hoping these suckers work, so I can have some sense of sanity while out in public!


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