DIY Dog Hair Bird Nest Tutorial


Yesterday I posted this cute photo on Facebook & Instagram of my dog’s hair/fur in a holder for the birds. It was shared so many times and the main question was what was holding the hair


So the idea of a dog hair bird nest helper is just as it states. Birds use all sorts of things for their nest. Twigs, feathers from other birds, leaves, sticks, flowers, etc. Using pet hair isn’t new at all, but helping by leaving it in a safe spot I guess is. Have you seen the video of the bird landing on a dog and pulling his hair out? Birds know what that soft stuff is! 

(Photo from Top Dog Country Club)
(Photo from Top Dog Country Club)

If you have a shedding dog, you already know you will be brushing him/her several times a day already, might as well save it up and put it in something.

Dog Hair in a Bird Feeder

Here is how we created our Dog Hair Bird Nest Helper….

  1. Let the kids (or you) brush your dog
  2.  Pile up the hair
  3. Put it in a squirrel cob, wire bird feeder, or bird seed container
  4. Hang it up
  5. Sit back and enjoy all that you have done for nature.


We used both a hanging suet basket and a squirrel cob holder. They are very cheap at Walmart (which is where we found ours).

Have fun with this and get creative! Let me know if you enjoyed this project or if you made one.


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