Disney Junior: Mira, Royal Detective Books

I received copies of these books to facilitate my review.

Have you heard of the new Disney Junior series: Mira, Royal Detective? I have a fan of Mira in my household and she was so excited to receive 2 books about Mira:

Mira, Royal Detective: The New Royal Detective

Mira Royal Detective Book

Before Mira became the first young girl to be Royal Detective of Jalpur, she was just a townsperson with an eye for detail who liked helping her friends. Mira uses all her senses-eyes, ears, and sometimes nose!-to find clues that others might have missed. One day, Queen Shanti happened to observe Mira find a missing baby goat, and she was so impressed that she appointed Mira to be Royal Detective. With her new detective coat and magnifying glass, Mira has the tools and the skills to help people all over Jalpur. Mira is on the case!

Mira, Royal Detective: Undercover Princess

Mira Royal Detective Book

Queen Shanti has an important case for the newest Royal Detective of Jalpur: there’s a rumor that jewel thieves are planning to steal the Gem of Jalpur at a royal ball. To solve this case, the Queen asks Mira to go undercover at the party-as a princess! After learning the ins and outs of royal life from her friend, Prince Neel, Mira trades in her detective coat for a princess disguise. But not even a fancy party will distract Mira from solving this case! This 8×8 storybook comes with stickers for even more fun with Mira and her friends.

My take: If you have not had a chance to watch Mira, Royal Detective please do because it’s such a great show for want-to-be detectives!

The New Royal Detective book did a great job introducing Mira and her adorable mongoose friends Mikku and Chikku. In this book we learn how Mira received her Royal Detective title.

Undercover Princess finds Mira helping Queen Shanti finding the stolen Gem of Jaipur.

Each of these books are gorgeously illustrated and has very easy to follow plots!