Disney Books: Mulan

I received copies of these books to facilitate my review.

With the upcoming live action version of Mulan in the works, Disney Books now has some great new book titles available:

A Place For Mulan

A Place For Mulan Book

A stylized picture book that will tell an all-new, original story based on the world and characters of the upcoming Walt Disney Studios’ live action film, Mulan.

Mulan: Live Action Novelization

Mulan:  Live Action Novelization Book

A thrilling novelization that will take readers back inside the world of the upcoming Walt Disney Studios’ live action Mulan film to relive the adventures with their favorite characters, old and new.


Mulan book

An action-filled retelling that invites readers to experience the heroic journey of Walt Disney Studio’s new live action film, Mulan. Including stunning unit photography and a special poster, this title is perfect for young Mulan fans.

My take: A Place for Mulan holds a special place in my heart because of the wonderful way Mulan’s father taught her it’s OK to be different. This book had gorgeous illustrations.

The Mulan: LOYAL. BRAVE. TRUE. book has a sentence that I just love…”What matters is that each day you rise up and continue”. This book did a great job explaining Mulan’s training and battles.

Mulan: Live Action Novelization is the in-depth book for Mulan readers. I always love to read the books because they are able to provide so many additional details that a movie can’t.