Curious Toys: Bonz Band




When I opened the box and pulled out the drum shaped item I have to admit I was curious (just like the title of the product) from the curious toys company. As I looked at the container one phrase jumped out at me…The Curious Bonz Band contains 40 rhythmic rockin’ pieces that you put together to make your own percussive, whistling, shaking, tambourining, drumming, music-making, creation that rocks!



I am glad I opened this particular package at naptime because there are several small items not suitable for my 15 month old. I was impressed at the number of items I found stored in the container:

Body parts:

A whistle (head)

A big rattle (body)

2 maracas (hands or feet)

blue jointed sticks (arm/leg)

4 green balls/ 4 eyeballs

The green balls act as “joints” for the body parts. Black connectors, bells, and a ribbon are also included. I also found a “how to build your own musical intstruments” sheet and a music CD within the set. I wasn’t sure where to start so the “how to sheet” came in handy. Every piece of the set can be used for a musical instrument. The lid of the container becomes a tambourine by snapping the bells into the premade slots and a drum is quickly made by turning the container upside down. Use one of the green balls and connect it to a blue jointed stick for a drumstick and you are off and jamming!

The best thing about this toy is the imagination factor. I had the set sitting out on the living room floor and my 3 yr plopped down after naptime and started putting the pieces together. I loved the fact that 4 eyes came in the set and really made the characters come to life. By far the whistle was his favorite and once he put the eyes on and used the blue jointed sticks for arms and the maracas for hands he was literally dancing to his own tune. The physical therapist in me loved the hand eye coordination for drumming, the fine motor skills required to connect the parts, and the concentration required to play the instruments.

The Curious Bonz Band is part of the Bonz series which is a divison of Curious Toys. Bonz is a series of 14 contruction toys. Most toys feature a special connector (the black pieces) that pivots a full 180 degrees to make characters posable and allows for interaction between all sets. Sets range from pre-historic (dino bonz) to underwater creatures (sea bonz). Bonz also has books and DVDs available.



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  1. amy delong · Edit

    the trex set,y son would really like this


  2. My scene goes Holywood the dvd is something my oldest daughter would love.

  3. patricia gambrell · Edit

    i just adore the dogbonz…. thanks for this unquie website i will def. be buying form them soon

  4. GloBonz Deluxe – I love this because I know my youngest son would love it. He is scared of the dark and has night terrors – this would be a nice comfort for him 🙂

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