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I am not big on book reviews and was very reluctant when I was approached about this book. I read it anyway, I have to say it is beyond a great book and one I will keep handy as a reference guide. The name of this book is very appealing “Creating a Sexy & Abundant Life“. The name of the book is just exactly what the author did herself. She tells you her own personal story which to be honest with you I could totally relate to. I found myself so engrossed in Hayley’s story about her life I couldn’t put the book down, I even found myself in tears a couple times. She makes a great point that she realized and we all should find note worthy..we are all very busy in our lives and we use that as an excuse most of the time. We play super women..we wake up before anyone, we pack the lunches, wake the kids, husband, animal care taker, child caretaker, taxi, errand runner, housekeeper, maid , ect.. Our list our endless to include work and make an income. Our days and nights are endless. It’s time to prioritize and make a change. If we don’t make that change our bodies will get sick. We get full of emotion or we hold it in because we don’t want to cause problems and then it ends up causing problems anyway….emotionally inside.

This book is a guide not just for or about Hayley Hobson but it’s about you and me. She gives us a guide and a new approach on life and how we can make gradual changes. It is an emotional uplifting book. Her book has really great recipes , yoga guides, breathing techniques (I love) , talks about business and prosperity, how to integrate your passion with your career , how to use essential oils as part of your daily life to keep you and your family healthy.



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