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Cafe Press was kind enough to allow me to create 3 customized Christmas ornaments. I made one each of our girls, and one of my husband and I. I have to say it took me probable less than 10 mins to create them. And it only took me that long because i was deciding on which picture to use. One nice thing about the procedure was that it would let you move the picture in a complete 360 degree angle, and also in a 4 way.  It was the easiest application i have ever used. So simple, yet they turned out looking as if i spent hours designing them. There are plenty of ornament applications to choose from also. I choose the snowmen for the girls because it matched our tree colors and the army one for ours, well, because we are military LOL.



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  2. Product #: 420659541
    It’s easy as long as to aren’t trying to fit 3 grandkids on 1 ornament. I had to start over several times. The pics I had didn’t fit the ornament I wanted so I had to keep changing them, but it is easy to do.

  3. Reference Cart #6446087 – talk about easy! I love that you can move & size the picture!

  4. VERY easy! I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the selection of backgrounds but it looks like there are ones that other people created that I could select from also. Regardless, I love the result and it only took me about 5min to get there: 64491586

  5. I signed up for Cafe Press’ email newsletter using this same email address.

  6. Reference number : 64637875… Plus it was really easy and fun

  7. I thought it was super easy and my photo download time was very quick. It was easy to shrink my photo to fit the space allowed too. Here’s the reference # for our ornament: 64667014
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

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