Usually I kinda fight with my husband about who gets to give my son a bath…I know it’s weird because most Moms I know love to bathe their babies, but not me. At first it scared me and now he splashes me SO much that I end up getting a bath as well! But today was different, I couldn’t wait for bath time! Why? Because The Big Brown Truck dropped off a nice little box to me…and this is what was inside!


Great packaging, right? Packaging is HUGE to me, so I loved how pretty it was. Very Classy.
So, what the heck is it?! It is an Organic Cotton Hooded Towel Set
which includes a coordinating washcloth!
This Towel Set is:


* Made from 100% organic unbleached cotton
* Organic terry for extra absorbency and softness
* Set includes 1 hooded towel and 1 washcloth
* Hooded towel sized 36″ x 30″
* Washcloth sized 9″ x 9″
* Made in China





Not only does it come in this beautiful Dusty Blue Satin, but also 7 other different colors/prints!
Thanks to Bumkins, I got to try it out on my 1 1/2 year old son Malachi. I have to say, it is amazing material! It is very soft, gentle and warm! My son gets really bad Eczema so I have to be careful to not use materials that will make his sensitive skin worse. No problem here! This organic, unbleached cotton was very gentle on his skin. The satin trim adds so much while still keeping it clean and simple. I also loved the size of the towel! So many hooded “baby” towels are the perfect size for a small baby, but not so much for the older ones. It covered him completely when I wrapped him all up! Here is my little one, just out of the bath, in his new towel:

This set is priced at $24.95. Honestly, it would be hard for me to justify paying that. However, I think it makes the perfect baby shower gift! (Or a just-because gift! Just email me for my address 😉 HA!) It is much easier for me to spend more money on other people. Plus, it already comes beautifully packaged!
Make sure and check out Bumkins other great products
from their “Organic & Natural” series!
I just called their Customer Service line for a review and they were very nice and helpful! Not only did she answer my question, but also added her recommendation! VERY good Customer Service Bumkins! Thank you!

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  1. The towel does look nice though I agree the price seems a bit steep. When my son was an infant, we used cloth diapers and the Bumkins products we had were great so I have quite a bit of faith in the company.

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