I was recently offered the opportunity to review the Brainetics program.  I have seen the commercial on TV and it is pretty impressive.  I watched the video with my 11 year old and she definitely wanted to give it a try.  How cool it would be to have the ability to do some of the things we saw on the video!

The Brainetics kit includes 5 educational DVD’s that guide you through a process of fun and interesting lessons: DVD 1 Focuses on following directions, concentrating and detecting patterns in numbers, DVD 2 Helps you overcome any math anxiety you might have through fun tricks and games, DVD 3 Introduces math shortcuts enabling kids to do complex math in their mind, DVD 4 Develops mental multi-tasking to help solve any math problem, DVD 5 Applies Brainetics skills to improve mental capacity and memory recall. A Parent’s manual is also included for added lessons and tips for success, as well as a Playbook with practices and exercises, plus Flash Cards and Playing Cards for practicing fun card tricks!

About Brianetics: Brainetics teaches your brain to behave like a computer. It will receive information, store it and memorize all the relevant information while ignoring the unecessary information.

There are three powerful reasons why Brainetics work so well:

1. Brainetics teaches how to MASTER all the vitally important learning SKILLS (focus, concentration, problem solving, thinking outside the box, organizational, increased mental capacity and memory) that are rarely taught in schools and people lack throughout their lives.

2. Brainetics TRAINS two different parts of the MIND to work simultaneously yet independently of each other. One part memorizes information while another part is sorting and processing new information. The mind will begin to work much more efficiently and be more powerful giving Brainetics kids a huge advantage throughout their academic lives and beyond.

3. Brainetics is INCREDIBLY FUN. Brainetics will never seem like a chore and everything is very fun and cool to learn for all ages and ability levels. Brainetics can either be learned alone, or entire families can learn together.

While Brainetics is a great program for kids, we can all benefit from it!  Take a look at this video that 20/20 did about Brainetics:


My Thoughts: We are having so much fun going through the Brainetics program and although we are not completely through with it, we have learned so much!  Even my 7 year old has picked up some things and really enjoys watching the fun videos and trying to learn the card tricks (although to master most of the techniques you will need to have your multiplication tables memorized).  We will be spending lots of practice with this program over the summer, because I believe that the techniques are really going to help my oldest daughter with her advanced classes that she is taking in sixth grade next year.  I also have enjoyed the program and think it is an excellent tool for your children.

Brainetics has introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about math.  Since we received the program I have enjoyed amazing the kids with things I have learned by watching the DVD’s before they viewed them.  I have to admit that it was a lot of fun to impress them by telling them what day of the week any of their friends were born on, just by having  them tell me their birth date.  They double checked me by looking it up on the computer and could not believe that I was right without even looking it up!  Some of the other things that we have learned include squaring numbers, dividing by 91 (also fun to have someone check you on a calculator and have you tell them the answer – doing all the work in your head carried out to seven decimal points!) and adding large columns of numbers.

By the end of DVD #3 we had learned some pretty impressive shortcuts and ways to do some seemingly impossible math problems in our heads.  But aside from having a cool “bag of tricks” to pull out and use to amaze our friends, I wasn’t really sure how much this new knowledge would really help us in our everyday life.

When we started DVD 4 and then moved into #5 I knew that we were moving on to something that would really benefit us.  We were learning how to do ANY math problem in our heads.  This could really benefit my kids in school for sure.  These final DVD’s also give you techniques that encourage deeper mental computations as well as train your mind in multitasking.

In the end, in addition to now being able to do complex math problems in our heads, we have also been given mental exercises that will help train our brains to process information more quickly as well as increase memorization.

I definitely recommend checking out Brainetics for your kids – or even yourself.  If you have a child that loves numbers and patterns, they especially will LOVE this program.  This program will also be an amazing confidence booster for children that are lacking in that area, or doubt their own abilities because as long as you know or can learn the multiplication table, you can learn and put to use all of the techniques in Brainetics!

Buy it:  We also saw the program for sale at Barnes and Noble when we were there last weekend.  The entire program is available for $149.99 with free shipping.

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