It all started with one mom in need of a pillow that could prop her daughter up who couldn’t yet sit on her own. Now, that mother’s ingenious design has become the #1 baby product in America! The Boppy pillow is one baby product that moms say they can’t live without! And it’s no wonder since it’s the most versatile baby product you can buy. Boppy is the best for feeding, sitting, propping, and tummy time! This infant support pillow can also match any nursery, home, or personal style with a variety of covers made to fit every Boppy. And now, it’s made with a Miracle Middle stretch panel to fit all waist sizes!


I got the chance to review this Feeding and Infant Support Pillow with a Classic Slipcover. The Boppy came in a very nice, heavy-duty, plastic case with handles, which makes it perfect to store when not in use. My Boppy is dressed in plush, luxurious fabric (Blue Boa) with coordinating piping. It is removable and machine washable.

I had been given a pink flower Boppy when I was pregnant with my first (and only far). As soon as my husband and I found out we were having a boy, we knew pink flowers just wasn’t quite what we wanted for our son. So, during one of our MANY trips to Babies R Us, we noticed a section with a variety of Boppy Slipcovers. We picked out an adorable blue striped one, went home and washed it, put it on and had ourselves a brand new Boppy pillow (better suited for a boy). That is one of my many favorite things about Boppy. There are SO many choices when it comes to the covers and they are so easy to wash. You can buy several different colors and designs, swap them out whenever you want, and always have a clean one ready when needed. My favorite time to use the Boppy pillow was while I nursed through-out the night. You know, when your whole body is so exhausted and your arms just want to rest! Yea, that was when I stopped every time to thank God for my Boppy. It made nursing my son so much easier! I would put the pillow around my waist and was still able to hold my baby so close without tiring my arms even more. I love everything else the Boppy does, but using it for feeding was definitely my favorite. Then, after he/she is done eating, you can lay them down (on their back) on the pillow. By propping your baby up like that, it can actually help reduce reflux! It also worked perfect for my son when it was “tummy time”. It propped him up to the perfect position. I have to be honest and say that I am trading in my older one for the one I just received. Although I’m sure I’ll use them both, or leave one at my mom’s, I fell in love with the plush fabric. I would actually like them to make me a pillow cover for MY pillow in it! It is SO soft and cuddly! And even though it’s blue, I don’t have to worry if my next baby is a girl because I can just buy another cover for my new Boppy! So, if you are expecting, have a new baby, or are looking for the perfect baby shower gift…you need to get a Boppy! Seriously, I did all the very hard work and tried it out for all of you and I’m tellin’ ya, it really is a must! Ask every mother in America, because apparently they will tell you the same since it’s the #1 product! Thank you Boppy! And a big thanks to the mother who started it all! Mom’s rock…keep your great ideas comin’! Who better to know what we need then us!

One more thing, their customer service has been awesome! So helpful and nice!



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