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I was recently approached to review a very special special product. Mandy emailed me about a blanket that was like no other i have seen or heard about. But what really pulled at my heart strings was the way it was conceived and the reason it was unique….

On January 22, 2008 in the city of Milford, Ohio, Mike Martinelli’s house caught on fire. He sustained third degree burn injuries to 35% of his body and severe smoke inhalation damage to his lungs. After nearly 4 weeks of care in the burn unit at University of Cincinnati Hospital, he passed away at the age of 30. Mike was a special person who gave everything and never expected anything in return. His love for his three nieces was indescribable; they were his pride and joy. Uncle Mike enjoyed spending most of his free time with them and even called them, “his babies.” He had a huge impact on them and to this day it carries on.

After his death, Mandy and John Hull (Mike’s sister and brother-in-law) cut out a portion of Uncle Mike’s nieces’ baby blankets, sewed them together and placed them in his hands inside his casket so that he could lay to rest forever attached to his nieces. The empty space in their blankets was replaced with fabric from one of Uncle Mike’s favorite T-shirts. His three little girls spontaneously started wearing the blankets as hats because it freed their hands to play while always keeping the security of their blanket nearby. “Our children not only grew attached to the blankies, but they were able to forever carry a piece of their uncle with them,” commented Mike’s sister Mandy.

“We have received so many compliments on the girls’ blankies that we decided to offer this awesome baby product to other children. Bonnet Blankies™ would not have been possible without Uncle Mike,” John said.

In honor and remembrance of Mike Martinelli and for his constant unselfish giving to others, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Bonnet Blankies will be donated to the Cincinnati Shriners Hospital for Children™ in Mike Martinelli’s name. Mike would have wanted children with burn injuries to have an opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. Mike’s name will live on forever, and his work in helping others will hopefully continue through Bonnet Blankies™.

– Bonnet Blankies™ creators
Mandy and John Hull

In Loving Memory of:
Michael Robert Martinelli
October 3, 1977 – February 15, 2008


Mandy was kind enough to send me both colors to see which Ariel would want to try. Of course she liked the Pink. However she did not know what it was yet and i was very skeptical on if she would even take to it. Ariel is like Linus on Charlie Brown. We had to buy 3 of the very same blanket just so she would never know when i washed one or if she lost one. Her blanket has so many holes in it. So this was a true blue test lol.

Ariel also likes to wear her blanket around her like its a super cape. So i knew she would take to the idea of putting it on her head, it was just a matter of when….

I approached her and asked if she would try it. NO. And she looked very displeased haaa.

I tried a few more times, showing her on my head too. Nope.

After she started screaming at me, i left it with her and walked away.

I emailed Mandy the next day with an update on how it was going… I was happy to report that just a few minutes after i walked away, she came running in with it on!! Yay!

It hasn’t replaced her prized blankie at all, but i have to say it did actually get used enough that i had to wash it already and that in itself is a feat lol. Usually i have to tell people, please don’t send me blankets for Ariel because she will never use them, shes so particular. But Bonnet Blankie … Its In! She really liked the “minke” side. Me, i liked the silky side.

The Green one is so pretty. Its defiantly unisex though.

I think this was an ingenious idea. I hope Mandy is able to come out with more colors and patterns and maybe expand the sizes for some older kids, or make some for dolls and teddy bears to match.


Children will use their imaginations to re-invent uses for this one-of-a-kind, patent-pending children’s blankie. With its built-in hat, Bonnet Blankies are easy to transport, free your child’s hands to play and offer a unique style of comfort. Enjoy convenience and security wrapped in a super-snuggly, premium-quality lovey.

  • Must-have for stroller and car rides
  • Security, comfort and protection in windy, sunny or chilly weather
  • Great alternative to a hat when using a baby carrier
  • Extraordinarily soft and luxurious premium charmeuse satin and buttery-soft bubble velour
  • 100% machine washable
  • Reversible



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.
I did  receive a free product sample to keep for my testing purposes.


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  1. My kids love blankets they actually can't go to sleep without them.

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    Who doesn't love a blankie?

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    My little girl would love the blanket because she loves being bundled up!

  4. My friend's daughter would love a Bonnet Blankie because she likes soft things.

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