Atom Compression Wear Review

You probably have noticed your feet, legs, and maybe thighs, hurting during long trips or enduring work hours. Did you know something as simple as compression socks can help? Graduated compression can provide 30-40% boost to circulation of blood flow back to the heart.

I have never had compression socks like Atom. Their graduated compression socks and sleeves are made from Lanati milk fiber, an innovative fiber mix which brings natural properties and benefits. They Lanati milk fiber is good for your skin, moisture wicking, naturally antimicrobial, cooling fibers and won’t dry your skin out.

I wear mine during long hours of nursing school and drives. Just the other day I had a about a 6 hour drive one way. Once we arrived, I actually forgot I had the compression socks on because my legs and feet felt so good. Which is great because travels who sit for a prolonged time can be at risk for deep vein thrombosis, low blood flow and dangerous blood clots.

Atom Compression Socks (and calf sleeves) are designed to provide immediate and long lasting relief. They can help your body naturally heal by boosting circulation and muscle support. Atom socks are medical grade graduated compression (18-22 mm Hg), breathable, never wrinkle or slip/roll down, and easy to put on.

For me personally, I liked the quality of the fabric. They were not too thick or think but felt as if they were made very well. They did not roll down at all and were not uncomfortable to wear in the car. Just in case someone is a comparable height to me, I am 5 foot and these socks reached just under my knees. I had zero issues.

Continuing into school and the workplace, I would absolutely purchase more of the Atom compression socks and sleeves. (I really want the pretty green ones!)

Atom Compression Wear does carry other items such as women’s shapewear and baby & toddler wear. Atom can help during surgery recovery, after birth, athletes, and more.

  • If you are new to wearing compression socks, gradually wean yourself into them. Try them for a few hours a day until you are comfortable for longer periods of time. Also consult your doctor to be sure that compression wear is suitable for you.

This is a sponsored review.