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As most of you probably know by now, I am a HUGE book lover and have passed my love of books to my boys.  Each night we read at least 3 books befor heading off to bed and we read during the day as well.  I recently found a product that is just perfect for any child- the AnyBook Reader!


AnyBook reader is a unique tool for children, parents and grandparents that helps make reading fun and more enjoyable. AnyBook reader uses a simple touch, record and playback process that allows you to read any story and record your own voice while you read it. This way, your child can hear your voice anytime they want to read.


AnyBook reader doesn’t require any special books to buy and it doesn’t use computerized or pre-recorded voices.

Bring stories to life by adding your own emphasis and voice inflection. Create character voices and personalities, or even add your own funny sound effects to make stories come alive. AnyBook reader is also an excellent tool to help children learn proper word pronunciation and spelling.


Your child will be able to play back and enjoy your voice anytime, anywhere even when you’re not there. AnyBook reader is a wonderful way for your child to enjoy a bedtime story with a grandparent who may live far away. There are so many fun ways to use AnyBook reader.



My take:  Oh how I love this AnyBook Reader.   Have you ever had that one book that your kids love to have you read but you are so sick of it that you want to hide it?  That is me with the Toy Story books (don’t get me wrong I love them just not 10x day) so I knew exactly which books to try this out with.

The process is simple, find the book you want and record the text page by page by following the simple instructions.  Stumble over your words?  Not a problem you can delete and record again!

I love how you can use any book and depending on the model of AnyBook Reader you have you can get up to 30 or 60 hours of recordings…that is alot of books.  Run out of stickers?  They can either be re-used or you can buy additional packs for $10.

My boys love this reader.  We have used it on the Toy Story books and it is so nice to hear them laughing at my silly voices without me having to repeatedly read the books.  I have even seen my 4 year old starting to locate and sound out words in conjunction with the AnyBook Reader.  I can’t wait to visit the grandparents and have them record their own special books for the boys.






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  1. Jennifer C. · Edit

    I like that it allows you to read any story and record your own voice while you read it.

  2. I love that I can record my voice from any book and when we change favorite books I can change the recording

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