Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed-


I received a dog bed to facilitate this review.

Do you have a dog that is anxious and finds it hard to settle down? Or is your dog aging and has stiffness in their joints? If so, I might have a great solution to your problem. I was recently introduced to


Orthopedic Beds:

bobby dog bed

Spoil your dog with the World’s finest orthopedic egg-crate memory foam dog bed. Available in different sizes for little & large paws. 

dog bed

Perfectly matches the curvature of your dog’s spine & relieves pressure from their joints. Ideal for older dogs suffering from leg or back pain or younger pups in need of a blissful night’s sleep. Featuring our famous chin rest, and scratch-proof & bite proof machine washable covers.

orthopedic dog bed

Complete your Bobby Bed with a different color set of covers or a deep plush winter cover for those long winter months.

Calming Donut Bed:

donut calming dog bed

Our calming beds designed by therapists to reduce dog stress & anxiety. Our beds create a calming, safe haven for your dog or cat, with ultra-soft faux fur designed to mimic mom’s soft coat. 

anti anxiety dog bed

These unique calming beds ensure that your dog will feel a sense of security & reduce anxiety throughout their nervous system. While also ensuring low heat retention to aid quality sleep. Dogs will feel well-rested in a Bobby Bed leading to better behavior throughout the day!

calming dog bed

My take: We have 2 dogs: a Cairn terrier and a Labradoodle puppy. To say the puppy is enthusiastic is an understatement. He was very interested in the entire unboxing process:

As soon as I unrolled and fluffed the bed (I was amazed at how small the box was when it was delivered), the puppy was all over the bed. It took no time at all for him to snuggle right in.

I’m impressed at how the hight quality of this bed, especially how soft it is. In fact my 8 year old daughter likes to use it for a pillow rest when she is snuggling the dogs. I have noticed a marked improvement in my puppy’s ability to calm himself down in the evenings when laying on this bed!


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